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Cyprus Eastern Forum Index » Doctors / Hospitals / Health & Medicines » GESY Village Bust Up.
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GESY Village Bust Up. 
Post: #1   PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:22 pm Reply with quote
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The Health Service Doctor (GP) who visits our village and another nearby village once a week and who is also our chosen GESY Doctor this week turned up very late for the village clinic session after a very busy time in the other village. Waiting to see her were more than double the usual number of patients that she would normally see. Twenty four instead of the normal dozen or so.

Almost all the patients required repeat prescriptions and it soon became apparent to the Doctor that the additional patient load was due to those who she has never before treated and had no records for were the patients of other GESY Doctors. The Doctor questioned the additional patients why they had all come to her instead of consulting their normal Doctor and the response was that it was easier to see her than travel as far away as Larnaca or Nicosia to see their own GESY Doctor just for a repeat prescription, distance only becoming an issue once GESY was underway.

The Doctor, together with the visiting nurse carried out an assessment of each 'new to her patient' weeding out those who were not in need of urgent medical attention. Of the additional 'new to her patients' she found one patient who had serious and urgent health problems and an ambulance complete with Doctor and nurse were summoned.

Quite obviously this all took some time as the Doctor and the nurse concentrated their efforts on the dangerously ill patient which did not go well with those who had to wait longer than they had expected for a consultation resulting in a furious row breaking out between them and the medical staff. Now completely hacked off the Doctor told all those who were not her GESY patients to leave the village clinic and visit their own chosen GESY Doctor for their repeat prescriptions. After these people had finally left the clinic the Doctor carried out consultations with her own GESY patients.

We don't normally use the once a week village clinic, this week being the exception as it is only a ten minute drive to the modern Health Centre to consult this Doctor who is both highly professional and a thoroughly nice person. The only other time that my wife has used the village clinic was when she took an elderly neighbour there to see the Doctor, while my wife was in the clinic she herself suffered a major cardiac problem and was kept alive by the Doctor the nurse and the receptionist until an ambulance arrived which took her to Nicosia General Hospital and an eventual triple bypass and Aortic heart valve replacement operation lasting almost twelve hours. As our son himself a hospital consultant said of his mother at the time, she could not have chosen a better Doctor if she had known what was going to happen.

Annoyingly some weeks earlier we had attended a village meeting about GESY where my wife a retired UK NHS nurse and a Cypriot had tried to convince our neighbours and fellow villagers that it would be better to sign up for GESY with a local Doctor only be told in no uncertain terms that Cyprus was not the UK and that many of our neighbours considered government employed Doctors and local private Doctors not to be of the standard of private Doctors who practiced in the city's and towns of the island.

A number of the patients turned away by our Doctor have voiced their opinion that she should be disciplined for her actions and my wife has written a letter in support of the Doctor outlining what actually happened on the day. Our Doctor has since phoned my wife thanking her for her support as she had been made aware that complaints had been made against her.

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Post: #2   PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:43 pm Reply with quote
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What a nerve ! Honestly you could not make it up . Poor doctor I hope she doesn't get any trouble resulting from this . Cheek , look down their noses at the hospital doctors but quite happy to work them to death while their posh one sits in the Capital filing his/her nails 😨
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GESY Village Bust Up. 
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