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Post: #21   PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:48 pm Reply with quote
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Location: protaras

scottie wrote:
madmum wrote:
Yes thatís fair enough if you are allergic to them or they attack your dogs. Funny Iíve never seen an aggressive Tom here. Most are scared of people

Ok if they donít want them speyed but you keep bitch indoors when in season & not let out to roam & have lots of litters. Unless sure can find homes for
But cats unless itís an indoor cat are different. Will have kittens every couple of months which end up as ferals no one wants.
Did see a chart showing how many kittens 1 cat is responsible for over 2 years & itís shocking

Yes I saw that too, can't remember the figures but they were astounding . I only have a male dog who has been " done" and never leave his poo around lol , just have this thing with cats lol

Think i actually prefer dogs. Brought 3 from England with us. Lost the oldish poodle at 12 last week. Currently having a battle with me & daughter versus husband Cypriot neighbours dog had puppyís for god knows how many times. Donít even like this dog it like mop on legs & always out barking Terrorising our big staffy x in his own garden But only week old & daughter brought puppy in to show us. Only 1 week just opened his eyes & so cute
Bit worried what they will do with the 3 if canít rehome them
Hubby says no way but then said no more cats yet he is 1 feeds them
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Post: #22   PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:10 pm Reply with quote
Woodrow Why?at
Joined: 04 Oct 2008
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pipkins wrote:
In answer to Woodrow wyatt and Cyprus for me, I too am allowed an opinion and maybe it is for the reason as such as both your replies that I do not partake in commenting very often.

I have taken on many many feral cats as my own and indeed have done much charitable work for the animals here in Cyprus. Maybe I am just fed up with reading and hearing of expats demanding ďlocal pricesĒ and trying to abuse the system and thus giving the rest of us a bad name.

I wish all the luck to stephanie and that she enjoys her new additions to her family!

Finally I do hope you two especially enjoy this, my third post and thanks for caring enough to work that one out!

Well, I knew there had to be a very good reason!! Laughing Laughing

And whilst I appreciate your gratitude at my 'working out' your amount of posts, it was certainly no great effort on my part as, obviously, the total number appears immediately beneath your name and date of joining! Laughing

Meanwhile I wish you well in your desire to always pay the top price for everything, so as not to join the ranks of us bargain seeking rabble who give all you "honest decent people" a bad name! Embarassed Laughing Laughing

Don't blame me, I voted 'Remain'!
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Looking for affordable spaying/neutering 
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