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Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions


 Can I Pay In Monthly Installments?  
No we do not offer that facility. All Sponsorships are for a period of 1 Year and payment is made at the time of signing up.

 I Don't Have A Banner - Can You Create One?  
Yes - If you select Business Sponsorship Silver but don't have a banner for your company then we can create an animated banner for you at no extra charge.

 How Long Will It Take After I Have Paid For My Advert To Appear?  
Usually your advert will appear 48-72 hours after your payment has been received and cleared.

 What Size Are The Banners?
Banners are 468 x 60 in size and appear in rotation.

 I Don't Have A Website Can I Still Advertise?
Yes - A website is not a requirement (but is obviously helpful for you).

 I Don't Have A Website Can I Still Have A Banner?
Yes - Visitors who click on your banner will instead be automatically directed to your advert on the forum.

 Can You Create A Simple Webpage For Our Business?
Yes - We can create & host a one page advertising page for you. You could include a leaflet or other advertising material or alternatively we could write something for you. You would need to select the Business Sponsorship Gold service.

 Do I need To Have An Email Address To Sponsor The Forum?
Yes - We require an email address & phone number.

 Do I have To Be A Member Of The Forum To Become A Sponsor?
No - But it does help.

 How Can I Make Payment?
We prefer payment by Credit Or Debit card via Paypal's Secure service. However we are able to take payment via cheque though it may take longer - please contact us.

 Do You Offer Any Discounts?  
No - Our prices are very reasonable already.

 If I Sign Up Now Will The Cost Increase Next Year?  
No - Once you sign up the price you pay is fixed so you will never pay any more than the original price.

 Can I Advertise More Than One Business?  
Yes - However Sponsorship covers one business only so you would have to sign up again for each business.

 What Happens After 12 Months?  
We operate Subscription billing via Paypal (or WorldPay) and you will automatically be charged on your renewal date. You can cancel this at any time by logging in to Paypal (or WorldPay). This is an automated process by Paypal (or WorldPay) and payment reminders are not sent.

 Where Will My Adverts Be Displayed?  
Your adverts will be displayed in the Services - All Areas Section of the forum & also in the Directory in the section related to your business

 Can I Reply To Members On The Forum Who May Be Looking For The Services We Offer?  
Yes - Sponsors are able to reply to members posts - within reason. Obviously if you were for instance to make many postings at the same time this would likely deter people and have the opposite effect to the one desired. It is therefore better to spread out your postings.

 Can I Post Adverts In The General Section?  
We try to avoid, wherever possible, having adverts in the General section of the forum. You are however at liberty to reply to any relevant postings that have been made in the General Section and offer your services.

 How Many Advertising Threads Can I Start?  
Sponsors can post a maximum of THREE advertising threads per week in the relevant sections. Please do spread your postings out though i.e. don't post them one after - if you were for instance to make many postings at the same time this would likely deter people and have the opposite effect to the one desired.

 Can I Offer Members Special Offers & Discounts?  
Yes - Sponsors are able to post in the Members Special Offers & Discounts - ONE thread per company.

 How Many Properties Can I Advertise?  
Sponsors can advertise a maximum of THREE properties per week (total) - The idea is not to display your full portfolio on the forum rather a selection of properties. Your own website is the best place to direct members to your full list of properties.

 Can I Place Advertising In My Signature?  
No - We do not have allow any advertising in signatures. A link to your website & email contact will appear at the bottom of your postings so members have various methods of contacting you.

 Can Sponsors Have Their Membership Suspended?  
Yes - Sponsorship is not dependant on having an active membership account. Sponsors as with all members are expected to abide by the forum's Terms & Conditions.

 Can Sponsors Have Their Sponsorship Cancelled?  
Yes - If we receive numerous and/or serious complaints from members regarding a Sponsors business then we may look at cancelling Sponsorship. We would hope that Sponsors set the standard in terms of service, price and professionalism and that by adding them to the forum it will be beneficial for the membership as a whole.

 What If I Have More Questions?  
Please email us by clicking Contact Us.

 What Are The Terms & Conditions?  
Here are the Terms & Conditions.

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