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Posted By: Pai Gow

I think a lot of you will know where these people are coming from - or should that be "going to"? :wink:

Posted By: DBWSE9

An interesting article. What it does not seem to mention is. When we move abroad we intend to support our selves and not scrounge off the country we settle in. Unlike many (not all) that go to Britain to take as many handouts that the soft Country will give them. Still my taxes will go to Cyprus, thats less for them to get. Dave

Posted By: Tina Torment

Excellent point Dave, I thoroughly agree! :wink:

Posted By: ricfci

Hi......I dont think the Cypriots have a great deal to worry about British taking local jobs.....most British would not work at the low end of the pay scale....and a great many, now resident in Cyprus have more than enough to support themselves.....the problem, when they come will be some of the new ec countries with lower wages etc.....who have right work in Cyprus, same as is happening at present in the UK...........where the Cypriots do have to worry, is that now UK citizens now have the right , open business, and be the principle owner, unlike before EC membership... you only have to look at Spain to see the British businesses....thousands of them.........It will happen in Cyprus....whlist it is know sometime underhand tatics have been used to ...shall we say....put pressure on a British owned business......and worked in some cases........this will not stop the this is where, the British may become less welcome in the view only...... Richard

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