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Posted By: Mike jackson

I was wondering if I could sell these in Cyprus :lol:
Mike the sagalout

Posted By: DAC

Kids, or slides???? :shock:

Posted By: bigal

DAC :lol: :lol: :lol: Mike these look great fun. I hope you find a market for them (the slides of course not the kids :)

Posted By: househunter

Am sure they would.... Reckon there could be a market for shredded kids or even large breadcrumbs!!

Posted By: bromerzz

They would probably get so hot to touch in the summer your breadcrumbs would be toasted!

Posted By: contrarymary

They look great but you will never get them in your suitcase :lol: :lol:

Posted By: Voyager

The slide, is it in plastic or metal?

Posted By: Mike jackson

Hi voyager metal & dishwasher safe, I mean you would want to wash it after use. :lol: Mike the sagalout

Posted By: kipper889

If you could find similar in Plastic, I'm sure they would sell. They would be OK in summer if there was some kind of shade over them. Saying that, we have Blue plastic covered sunbed cushions, they get so hot in the sun, I've burnt my bum many a time!! :shock: :lol: Ruth

Posted By: Voyager

It could be a good addition to other fun systems on Play-grounds for Kids. You could check with Schools and Public Park for start. McDo for instance offers some colorful play systems for Kids around the world ... They don't have your slide yet! :D

Posted By: barrettdg

Arsenal ON THE SLIDE after that Spurs result, Mike :?: :wink:

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