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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Come on then - over the years you must have had some strange Christmas presents - let's hear your worst/strangest present. Cheers Steve

Posted By: tannis

Bit embarrased with mine.....a pole :roll: Tracey x

Posted By: JimPernera

Sounds great to me! Do you use it a lot, and are you now an expert with it? lol.

Posted By: tannis

Jim 2nd time i used it i tried the firemans spin fell off bashed my head and had concussion for a day :shock: im not to bad now great exercise girls :wink: Tracey x

Posted By: Steve - SJD

  • tannis wrote:
    2nd time i used it i tried the firemans spin fell off bashed my head and had concussion for a day :shock:
    Tracey x

:lol: :lol: I just had a mental image of that lol
I'll put you down for a demonstration then when we have a meet up next

Posted By: JimPernera

Come on Steve! Surely we don't have to wait that long???

Posted By: suedmal

The worst pressy I got was from Micks mother (just after we got married). It was a pair of kitchen sissors :evil: Do you think she was trying to tell me something :D . Didn't work if so cos we were married 32 years. I didn't stab him and he didn't stab me but Mick took them back :oops: Sue

Posted By: tannis

Sue we got an electric knife for our wedding prezzie off my m-in law :? Tracey x and sorry lads dont do shows ,buy one for the missis and you can always have a go yourselves, give it a go in Finnigans forest in protaras after a few bevvies :wink:

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Tracey :cry: thought we might have a little demo :lol: Finnigans forest it is then.... lol Cheers Steve

Posted By: Bobbeer

My Aunt and Uncle gave Lyn and myself a packet of peanuts one year to share between us. It was all wrapped up in Xmas paper, no expense spared!! They were not poor people either, they had that many premium bonds they used to complain if they did not win a monthly prize.

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