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Posted By: AskCy

If it was my job to pay attention then I would... ! if a car drives past it doesn't matter to me if its tax is out of date or if the driver has a bushy beard and glass, or not.... However if I was paid to be looking out for things about tax, missing people, known convicts etc then I would look and log things... I don't think its really about training.. its just about knowning you might need the info... Its like being on here, I don't need to remember the exact web address of the site because I know I can google it, so I don't bother looking to memorise it... Same goes for information in posts, I know where to come back and look at it again should I need it, so I don't make special note of that shops telephone number etc...

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Interesting research done by the Open University, the BBC and Greater
Manchester Police (GMP) highlights why the human memory can be
impressive, but it is equally prone to letting us down. Now groundbreaking
research has revealed the extent of just how fragile it can be - and how to
use it better.
Full article and video here

Posted By: Deanna

I always found behavioural psychology fascinating. Perception is the key, we see what we expect to see - drawn from our own experiences. Add to this the human condition of trying to make sense of what we see (closure) by adding bits of our own (although we don't realise this of course). Police go through a lot of training in order to observe detail; most of us, the untrained public, will not absorb detail in the same way - although there are always exceptions eg people with a photographic memory. I know that I'm very selective in my observations, and much more likely to remember people by their mannerisms and body language than by their hairstyle, eye colour etc. I never remember the colour of cars - it just isn't important to me (selective perception). So, would I make a good witness? I think that would depend on what the event was, the setting and the people (and how many)involved. Hope i'm never put to the test!

Posted By: dave clarke

wow tell us something new ......most of us live in Cyprus lol...

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