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Posted By: Jascat

Posted By: Byker

What a to$$er...After 3 hours in a bar his meat must have been humming! :lol:

Posted By: Woodrow Why?at

Actually the Akamas Peninsular is stunning, and Latchi is one of our most favourite destinations! :D (But you're right about the Pork Chops, Byker!! :lol: )

Posted By: Kayzie-mou

Byker, I agree with you if he'd left the meat in the car, but.... Maybe the bar owner offered to keep it cool in his fridge or Maybe he had put his meat in a cold box/bag - and before you say he was on holiday and wouldn't have brought one with him - we have 2 cold bags plus freezer packs for our tourists at our holiday rental. :D

Posted By: SensibleBob

What a delightful picture the daily express paints.....albeit very rose tinted. The Pafilia looking villa is built in a very dubious area as far as "fitting in" with the Akaamas and we remember looking there when the local planning arguments were going on..Natura 2000 counted for very little. The boat trips from Latchi are fab but NEVER go beyond the western tip as radio contact is lost and the rip tides are very dangerous as well as many unmarked reefs. Lara Bay is a fab place (even a taverna overlooking it)but the 4x4 is a must and many a hirecar have had problems there.And the road to Pomos one of the best seaside rides inCyprus but littered with tavernas not all good. As an advert for Cyprus a very pleasant read and hope the author was duly rewarded by CTO.

Posted By: geof j

Good to see some advertising for Cyprus, lets hope to see more articles like this.

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