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Posted By: househunter

This is true! Just been to supermarket, my better half decided she would like some Mackeral fillets so bunged a couple of packs into the trolley. Got home and was putting stuff into fridge when I took the packs out they had "Contains Fish" sticker on them.... Did they think I thought I was buying apples??

Posted By: mick turner

I work in the food industry - labelling info is now utterley ridiculous. Peanuts - may contain nuts, etc, etc.

Posted By: adyandkaren

Its crazy what they put on some labels...this is one of my favourites...

Posted By: journo

No doubt some of the warning labels are due to the fact that eg. some 'strawberry' flavoured products have never been near strawberries in the same way as plenty of 'crabsticks' contain no crabmeat. By adding a warning, manufacturers also exempt themselves from the increasingly common practice of litigation. The 'I'm allergic and didn't know it contained....' brigade.

Posted By: fettler

Hi Lourno - the problem with flavourings/labelling appears to be covered by EU law. If something is described as "flavoured" it must contain the named item/substance, otherwise, as in synthetic flavourings, it must be "flavour". If my memory is correct, this was the downfall of the chap who jocularly produced what he described as "hedgehog flavoured" crisps. (Just like "skin cream" turned into "skin creme" 'cos it didn't have any dairy produce in it.) All good fun Alex

Posted By: fettler

Sorry - loose finger Journo! Alex

Posted By: nhowarth

  • mick turner wrote:
    I work in the food industry - labelling info is now utterley ridiculous. Peanuts - may contain nuts, etc, etc.

I believe that a peanut isn't actually a nut - it's a legume. Maybe someone can confirm.

Posted By: AskCy

Nigel you are indeed correct, the peanut (along with peas, lentils, beans, carob etc) is a legume. Its the plant family Fabaceae which produce a dry fruit developing in 'pod'.... Steve

Posted By: Kwacka

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