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Posted By: rogham1

Did anyone see the final episode of Triangle on Monday night? We had pre-recorded the series only to find that it cut off right at the end! I'm dying to know how it finished - we got as far as when the four were confronting Winston for the money pledged by his brother. Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Thanks Jennie

Posted By: tracyandterry

Hi Jennie Didn't watch it I'm afraid, but how bloody annoying is that! :twisted: Tracy

Posted By: rogham1

Annoying !!!!! I was gob smacked - after viewing the whole three episodes, I just sat there and couldn't believe it - it certainly has made it into a 'cliff hanger'. Particularly annoyed as we pay megga bucks for TVDirect which should tape at least a few minutes before and after! Jennie

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

Was not following it at all but saw the last 1/4 of an hour or so. They all went away from the office having been given the bums rush. Big farewell in the street. Towards the end the lead character has a cheque in his hand for 5 mil. Hope this helps.

Posted By: rogham1

Thanks Mark. Hmmmm ... they all received 5m but the others lost their cheques one way or another. I hope the guy who had his was decent enough to share. Jennie

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