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Posted By: Hogarth55

I'm back! the wee one is fine, and wonderfull! It did me good to go back to Scotland, I now know where 'home' is, Cyprus!

Posted By: Kwacka

Welcome home, Pam. Good news about the young'un.

Posted By: May Wallace

Hi Pam Good to hear the wee ones doing well. Any pics. May :wink:

Posted By: Elizavet

Hi Pam, Its been quiet without you :lol: my daughter called down one night and siad your place was packed, glad to see ylou are doing well. Good to hear the bairn is fine, we have a new granddaughter too, we just got back from a wedding in Scotland the other week and although I was very emotional when I was there, it was good to get home to Yorkshire, soon I hope to be saying the same about Cyprus :)

Posted By: brian16

Good news Pam, did you take any Scottish spring water back in your suitcase?

Posted By: Jan

Good news Pam and yes please let us have some photos soon of baby Jessica. Also it is good that the trlip settled your mind that now you know where home is and will settle again so much better now. We have missed you on the forum. We hope to be in Cyprus next week for three weeks. Jan

Posted By: carollynne

Wonderful news Pam, I bet she is gorgeous :D Carollynne

Posted By: modachi

Just read your good news regarding your new grandaughter - so pleased to hear she is doing well. We are out mid July and hope to give your bar/restaurant a visit. Kind regards. Noreen & Dennis (from Scotland)

Posted By: Hattie

Very glad to hear the little one is fine Pam - great news. :D Hattie and Charlie

Posted By: Annie

Hi Pam Glad you were able to see Jessica...... and I am sure she is absolutely fab.........on another note glad that you are pleased to be HOME!!! see you end of August. Annie

Posted By: Hogarth55

Awe, Thanks so much everyone xxx. Guess what? I was in such a rush, I forgot to take my camera! and so did Jack! but my Son is going to send some photos by e-mail, so I will do my best to get them on here. Congratulations Elizavet, bet she is lovely. It was a spooky visit, I stayed right opposite my old house, and went to work at my old job to give my Son a break, really weird, but good for me. I was worried Jack wouldn't want to come back to Cyprus, what with the problems at school, and being beaten up a week before we left by a twelve year old which left him shaken, however, he was in no doubt he wanted to be in Cyprus, so happy days. I was sad to leave my family, and grandaughter, but hey! this is a proper grandchild, the kind you can hand back lol.

Posted By: househunter

  • Hogarth55 wrote:
    I'm back! the wee one is fine, and wonderfull! It did me good to go back to Scotland, I now know where 'home' is, Cyprus!

Welcome back and glad to hear the Jessca is well.
Isn't it grand having more than one "home" and to live where you choose?
Home is where your heart is and doesn't have to be one place!!
I see your place was packed while you were away but don't worry it'll probably get quieter now you are back (inferred) !! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol:
Take care!

Posted By: Hogarth55

:D Yes Dave, and thanks for your comments.

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