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Posted By: mot man

Someone gave me a copy at weekend don't know if you've seen it?
1) How long did the the Hundred Years war last?
2) What was King George VI's first name?
3) In which month do the Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
4) From where do Jerusalem Artichokes come?
5) From what is rice paper made?
6) From which bird do Plovers eggs come?
7) From which material are moleskin trousers made?
8) What kind of creatures were the Canary Islanders named after?
9) In which country was St Patrick patron saint of Ireland - born?
10) From where do French beans come?
11) From which animal do we get catgut?
12 What kind of creature is a prairie dog?
13) From what is a camel hair's brush usually made?
14) Which seabird has the Zoological name Puffinus puffinus?
15) Where did the turkey originate from?
16) Which country manufactured Dutch clocks?
17) What country does Indian ink come from?
18) What part of the staircase is the banister?
[/b]And now for the answers
1) 116 years (from 1337 to 1453).
2) Albert. (When he succeeded to the throne, he respected the wishes
of Queen Victoria that no future king be called Albert).
3) November 7th. (Russia's calender was 13 days behind).
4) Italy (it's a corruption of girasole the Italian word for sunflowers).
5) From the pith of the Fatsia papyrifera plant.
6) The lapwing.
7) Moleskin is a hard wearing cotton fabric.
8) A breed of large dogs. (The Italians called it Canariea Insulae the
Island of Dogs.
9) Britain.
10) South Africa.
11) Sheep (sometimes cattle and horses).
12) A rodent.
13) It's usually made of Squirrels hair.
14) The Manx shearwater.( Puffins are genus Fratercula or Lunda).
15) North America.
16) Germany.
17) China.
18) Its not the hand rail (thats the balustrade). The banister is the post
supporting the hand rail.
How did you do?

Posted By: Balconia

errr If I'm Honest Not very well Roy. :oops: :oops:

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