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Posted By: brian16

Posted By: JimPernera

Nice one Brian, but it doesn't mention the peenuts on a pub bar :lol: Regards, Jim.

Posted By: brian16

Enlighten me Jim!

Posted By: JimPernera

There was a survey done (when we were still in uk) analysing the peanuts placed in dishes (free) on the pub bars. I think the average was 18 different types of urine on them. Presumably they were collected up each night and re-issued :lol: I suppose that most people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet in a pub - and continue to eat peenuts :roll: Regards, Jim.

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

As soon as I spotted Jim's spelling, it reminded me of that survey from years ago. Needless to say, I steer clear of bar snacks!!!

Posted By: Kwacka

Ah, the wonder of Urban Myths. DNA testing is relatively inexpensive today, but years ago was more expensive by far; and there isn't any other way of testing whether urine came from one person or another (similar liquids mix, don't they?) testing peanuts would have been horrendously expensive. Bear in mind that a) urine is sterile (unless you have a urinary tract infection, b) just about every surface we encounter (including our skin) is crawling with e.coli and staph. aureus. BTW, who sits up all night counting insects that crawl into someone else's mouth?

Posted By: JimPernera

I guess you could Kwacka, and I'm sure Brian has the time :twisted:
Can't dispute your reasoning, that it is a myth, but a lot of people seemed to know about it. I'm probably one of the gullible ones that swallowed it :roll:
Regards to all, Jim.

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