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Posted By: Hogarth55

Fab news Ronnie, my dad was a driving instructor for thirty six years, you wouldn't believe the story's he tells, like the one about the two pupils who turned up at the same time, one had got into the car to wait for my dad who was having a sneeky coffee, when the other one get's in, the first one says,'will we just get on?' 'Aye' says the other, and off they go. My dad then appears, thinks the car has been stolen, and phones the police! apparantly, they got a few miles in when pupil number one asks number two if he should turn left or right? number two says,'if you like, but when do I get a go' It was all over the lacal papers the next day, and my dad never lived it down!

Posted By: rtp2010

hello, for the members that know me, the missus passed her driving test yesterday, 3rd time. no more traipsing to the shops for me, and now i can get to do my work in peace. many thanks to cyprus-gal and tina for helping her with the driving lessons.

Posted By: Yvette

send her congratulations from me Ronnie. She can pop over to Larnaca now to come shopping........ :D

Posted By: rtp2010

hiya may, aye she has her own car, and i have my van. i will teach her to drive that as well, then she will know what its like to do things for me, ken fit a' mean, lol.

Posted By: May Wallace

Hi Ronnie Good news for your wife 8) Hope you have 2 cars or now that she can shop without trailing you around she'll be up and out the door before you know it :lol: May :wink:

Posted By: Balconia

Hi Ronnie Congratulations to your wife. I passed my test over 20 years ago on the third attempt, but i'm too frightened to drive :roll: :roll: My son is learning to drive and i wish I had the confidence he has. There will be no stopping her now !!

Posted By: amlek

Pass on our congratulations to Tanya. Excellent news. A & L

Posted By: Tina Torment

Soz, can't sit and and Tanya are off out shopping. I've reminded her to bring your 'plastic' Ronnie and I've got Archie's. We're mobile at last a lovely set of wheels....woo hoo! Retail therapy here we come!!!!! :lol:

Posted By: rockjock

Congrats to the missus. Ordered your multi fuel stove and boiler today. It will be delivered next week then into my container for transport over to you. Cheers, Sandy

Posted By: househunter

I'm sure you both are delighted, test can be a nerve wrecking experience.
Over here we apply the Irish solution to driving tests, when the waiting lists get too long they just issue them with full licences!
Then spend millions on Road Safety campaigns cos road deaths are so high!!
Of course, "there is not enough money to employ a few extra testers!"
May she never look back !! :twisted:

Posted By: a7jny

hi ronnie, thats great news, you'll both be well pleased (especially you,lol) see you both 26th, do you want some more red/white puddings fetched over? or how about some delicious aberdeen aikens rowies? (fao Rockjock sandy, do you have any space in your container for a few bits n pieces? id pay for the share?) jenny

Posted By: Tash

Hi Ronnie
Tell Tanya Девушка сделанная добром, ваша чернь на последнем
Sorry couldnt resist :wink:

Posted By: Dave & Ness

Well done to Your missus Ronnie, sorry for my ignorance, never got to meet her! Dave, Ness, Madison and Finley.

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