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Posted By: DAC

Hi all,
How many of us would love to be able to do this at work????
Ronnie Walks Out During Match
Stephen Hendry revealed Ronnie O'Sullivan had told him he was "fed up" as 'The Rocket' staged his sensational walk-out from the Maplin UK Championship in York.
O'Sullivan dramatically conceded the quarter-final between the duo after only five frames, the first four of which had been won by Hendry.
Hendry said: "He came into my dressing room and said 'good luck for the rest of the tournament'. I asked if there was anything wrong and he said 'no, I'm just fed up, I've had enough'. It's just bizarre."
The 31-year-old from Essex had just taken frame five to trail 4-1 and was on a break of 24 when he attempted to cut in a red but missed, and immediately went over to shake the hand of Hendry and referee Jan Verhaas.
Words were spoken between the two players, who have clashed in the past, but Hendry stressed it was entirely amicable and that O'Sullivan merely insisted he did not want to continue the match.
Asked for his reaction to what had happened, Hendry added: "I don't even think I've got a reaction at the minute, it's just bizarre.
"I'm not going to sit here and criticise Ronnie for doing something because I don't know what his reasons were or what his thoughts are or if there is anything wrong.
"There has been no bad feeling between us over the last few days - there is no bad feeling between us anymore anyway. I've not sensed anything from Ronnie backstage - I haven't got a clue."
Although O'Sullivan had been playing well below par in the early stages, world number one Hendry did not believe the fact O'Sullivan was losing had contributed to his decision. "I don't think you can blame the scoreline of the match," Hendry said.

Posted By: Kathyoke

Ronnie suffers with depression, I would guess he's having a relapse. He wouldnt have done what he did if he was well. :(

Posted By: Ristac

I wonder how many people had placed a bet on the result or correct score, sorry no excuses for doing what he did. Any other sport and they would receive a ban, it is the same as throwing a match.. Richard

Posted By: Kathyoke

Sorry, but I cant feel sorry for gamblers losing their money LOL

Posted By: Ristac

Just the same as I cannot feel sorry for a sports star who has everything and letting his fans down because he is feeling a little sorry for himself. Not to mention not giving Stephen Hendry a fair game and decent practice time :wink: Just like the first thread said, how many of us would like to do this when were having a bad day at the office. He needs to grow up and take a grip of what he has. JMHO Richard

Posted By: Kathyoke

I cant see how people can think that depression is 'just feeling a little sorry for himself' - its a mental illness. I just think that Ronnie should be given a little more benefit of the doubt if he is ILL after all. IMHO

Posted By: Ristac

Don't get me wrong, I do feel sorry for people suffering from depression as in the illness but the world is full of people in a much worse position than Ronnie... You don't think the real reason he walked out in a mood was because he was playing poorly and was loosing? If he was that depressed he would have pulled out at the start. I do not think that depression as an illness comes and goes just like that. We all feel a little down, fed-up or depressed from time to time if I am wrong then *sorry* but I think it has more to do with him being a spoilt sportstar

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