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Posted By: MCM Carrington

Has anyone watched this? rather shocking to say the least, and a very bad opinion given of Yorkshire Police Force, I don't know how the program makers got away with it.

Posted By: kipper889

Give us a clue MCM? Ruth

Posted By: Kwacka

Apparently its a TV drama. "In the world of Red Riding, the innocent suffer, the guilty thrive and no-one escapes the taint of corruption. Itís a world steeped in the conventions of film noir and pulp fiction mingled with heightened childhood memories and bits and pieces of history. What it is most categorically not is the real world and anyone approaching either the novels or the films expecting a documentary history of West Yorkshire between 1974 and 1983 is going to be disappointed. Having said that, what baffles this writer is why anyone would expect a factual account when this is so plainly a work of fiction. Many critics have complained that the portrait of West Yorkshire during the decade covered by the narrative is unbelievable or inaccurate or both. But this is ludicrous. The Red Riding Quartet is far closer to the kind of occult SF written by Christopher Priest or the secret histories penned by James Ellroy than to the documentary accounts of Brian Masters or Gordon Burn. It offers us a fictionalised portrait of a time or place where actual events merge with imagined ones, producing something startling and new."

Posted By: taffs well

watched it a few months back so you must be watching the repeats did believe that it was supposed to be a true account well thats what was stated at the time :?

Posted By: MCM Carrington

Sorry Ruth, but think it's been explained here. I didn't realise it was a repeat, so sorry for that too. I wouldn't want to watch it again, although it was one of these programs you have to pay attention to. My wife found it too distressing to watch the second night, what's wrong with television these days? can we not have a good drama without violence now?

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