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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi, Just wondered how many couldn't resist taking a peek :lol: I think it's a bit like when you see a Wet Paint sign and then stick your finger on the paint just to check :lol: Am thinking of changing some links to read "don't click this link" just to see if it increases click throughs lol :-k Cheers Steve

Posted By: marion

I've nothing better to do at 06:24 in the morning :lol: But you won't catch me out on clickthroughs :wink: Marion

Posted By: Ristac

It is like when you see a suject like "Message for XYZ" and it has had 120 page views, nosey lot aren't we :lol: Richard

Posted By: greeny

:oops: steve so you would be one of us lol what made you think of it lol :wink: jane

Posted By: Steve - SJD

LOL :lol: Thanks for your responses! Sorry for the posting - I saw a similar thread on another non cyprus related forum and wondered if it would get the same response on ours :P Can you tell i'm starting to wind down for Christmas :wink: Cheers Steve PS Do have a Great Christmas :D

Posted By: Cardiff lad

I only took a look when I had seen other people had posted. :lol:

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

I'm a bit of a curtain twitcher - couldn't resist!! I've wound down already! Important Christmas shopping done - boot full of beer! I think there's a bottle of wine in there somewhere for Trish. :roll: Just got to cart it up 2 flights of stairs now. Or, I could just sit in the car park and drink it all!! :lol:

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