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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi, Just wondered if anyone had anything planned for the coming Easter period??? What are you up to? Cheers Steve

Posted By: LynSab

Oh yes I have plans, and that would be to eat lots of these ;-

I am such a child :oops:

Posted By: alicat1971

We will be doing the whole lamb on the spit and kokouretsi (spelling?) and washing it down with lots of wine with our koumbaros in Lefkosia. We have been fasting so will no doubt really enjoy it. My mouth is watering now!

Posted By: pumpkin

We're coming to Cyprus Yay!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It seems so long since our last visit (August) we just cant wait! Easter Saturday we're planning to spend the evening at the church in Paralimni joining in the celebrations. Did this a few years ago, but didn't really "get it" now we sort of know what to expect, we're really looking forward to it! This time tomorrow we'll be on our way (still havent packed though) Excitedly Carolyn :D

Posted By: alicat1971

I haven't packed yet either and I am busy with parents evenings at school and we leave on Thursday straight after work! Still, I am feeling in the holiday mood already, despite this grey depressing weather in the UK. Best get my bottom off the pc and start....! Have a great Easter Ali

Posted By: pumpkin

  • alicat1971 wrote:
    Best get my bottom off the pc and start....!

Lol, same here! Logging off now :wave:

Posted By: badger

Going across to Yorkshire to spend easter with our daughter, her husband and our new grandson. He was born on 5th February but we,ve only seen him twice so lots of cuddles and daft noises to catch up on. Phil & Shirley

Posted By: journo

Work. News is a 24/7 business. But it's what I chose. :D

Posted By: cansweet

Not feeling too well at the moment Steve, but it could very well happen that i will be laying a very large egg :oops: If this happens, it deffo won't be for boiling :P :P

Posted By: pebbles6

We are coming over as well, we fly on Friday evening and are staying until the 18th. I am hoping it will be very hot & sunny because its horrible here in the UK & the weather men said expect snow again over Easter!!!

Posted By: Cardiff lad

The mighty Cardiff City have two games on telly over Easter so will be busy watching Cardiff v Swansea Easter Saturday and then Nottingham Forest ve Cardiff on Easter Monday. Couldnt have a better Easter than getting to see my boys twice in 3 days.

Posted By: mags

We are flying tomorrow Cyprus here we come Mags

Posted By: lindask

Well -I'm getting out of here and spending Easter in Manchester --I had to close my unemployment card for 31st March-as I'm a 'permanent employee'in hotel industry which is supposed to open on 1st April --however,no chance of tourists till at least 1st May-so we are all stuck to using in advance our annual leave for 2010 to cover our social insurance etc.-So this is is my summer holiday --

Posted By: Meenie

Friday - decorating basket, eggs, painting a bunny. Saturday - swimming Sunday - egg hunt and picnic Monday - day out at the Easter fun day event. Might take the little one to see the procession of the Epitaphios on Friday evening

Posted By: pumpkin

  • Meenie wrote:

    Monday - day out at the Easter fun day event.
    Might take the little one to see the procession of the Epitaphios on Friday evening

Hi Meenie,
Can you tell me where the Easter Fun Day is please, and also where will the procession be?
Many thanks Carolyn

Posted By: marion

We're off to Benidorm :shock: Out Friday, back Tuesday, so it doesn't eat into Mike's annual leave. Apart from visiting some tapas bars, EuroTabaco, the indoor market and a good deli, it'll be a much-needed big chill. Marion

Posted By: alanmorton99

Looks like I'll be getting rid of more stones from the garden prior to top soil arriving. After that it'll be down to the beach for a picnic and a paddle

Posted By: Meenie

Pumpkin the easter fair is a family fun day at the Blue Spice restaurant in Penera 11am - 4pm for the kids there is: egg hunt, egg and spoon race, tug of war sausage in a roll, chips and fruit punch which is 5.00 euros per child. The procession is at 9pm there are quite a few at different churches, one near Orphanides, one in Paralimini square On Saturday the lighting of the bonfire is at 8pm which traditional songs and dishes. There is a programme called Easter in Paralimni which has more information. which came in the post this morning. Hope this helps Meenie

Posted By: pumpkin

Thanks Meenie Very helpful :D

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Thanks folks!
Well for some the holidays have started today so whatever you are doing I
hope that you have a happy & peaceful Easter!
Don't eat too many eggs :wink:
Καλό Πάσχα

Posted By: dawnnett

Taking Daughter to Hospital for a Operation reconstruction of her shoulder (dog pulled her over) So 7.15 in the morning she will be going down to theatre and i will be like a cat on hot bricks She told me today she was petrefied oh bless i would rather it be me So her Dad booked a weeks holl to turkey for all of us , so that she can recope Hospital told her its a big Op and she will be in a sling for 3 months roll on happy times Dawn

Posted By: alicat1971

Hope the op goes well Dawn. Good you had a nice dinner with the family. Good luck Ali

Posted By: larnacawoman

Looking forward to some days off during easter, my plan is not to have any plans...not more than catching up with friends, eating lots of chocolate and be veeery lazy! :) I wish all of you a great easter whereever you are and whatever you´re up to!

Posted By: dawnnett

Well what a start to the easter holls for us !!! Got up at 5.30 am to take daughter to hospital She was nervous (me too) anyway she was admitted undressed waiting to see the consultant , he came and gave us the news they hadnt got the plastic ligament that was being used for the op to her shoulder and that it would now be approx 2 weeks time and also she wouldnt be able to fly for 6 weeks So we have now lost a holiday that we had booked to take her a few weeks after the op plus £200 for the doing so Great easter int it Dawn :(

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