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Posted By: effpee69

Place pineapple rings in a 1.5 ltr preserving jar, plus 300gms of sugar and then fill with gin. Then leave for 4 weeks to soak, After 4 weeks bottle the gin and make a trifle with the Pineapple. You end up with a pineapple gin drink and a trifle that blows your head off!

Posted By: Kwacka

A German tradition known as a 'Rumtopf' as usually rum used but, as you've found, any spirit (40% or over) will do.
Pineapple, cherries, apricots, pears, plums, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, nectarines & peaches can be used. Where appropriate peel, seed and/or core, cut or slice into convenient sizes. If soft fruit is washed ensure thoroughly dried.
Blackberries, watermelon,rhubarb, bananas, citrus, apples aren't much good.
Traditionally start with the first fruit of the year. Weigh fruit, put in rumtopf, add sugar equivalent to 50% of frut's weight (i.e. 100g sugar for every 200g fruit) and cover with spirit to 2.5 cm above fruit level. Put dish/saucer on top of fruit to ensure remains under rum.
As each fruit comes into season add to rumtopf with more sugar & spirit. Keep covered (use clingfilm to ensure airtight).
Dherynia strawberries in the shops soon, so nearly time to get going for next Xmas. :)
Traditional pots were used, and are still available from kitchen stores or Amazon, etc. (up to about 5 litre sizes).

Serve fruit with ice-cream or yoghurt (with/without liquid), or in crepes or pancakes. Drink liquid any way you want - on its own as a liquer, add a couple of spoons to something to make a cocktail.
Mrs K & I did one a few years ago, and got ratted on our Xmas Day dessert.

Posted By: alanmorton99

We had alpine strawberries in our garden in Munster so we added them to our rumtopf and we used brandy. When full we made trifles & flans with fruit and served brandy neat.

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