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Posted By: LynSab

  • Buddy wrote:
    I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder. Makes me homesick though. 1st year not making them for my son. Going to cry now.

Give him a ring Sue and the recipe he,ll love doing em. No 1 son is having another job interview today so not first on his mind, it will be my 6th year not doing them for him, but guarantee he will text for how to do them!! No 2 son is a good bit younger but an ace cook so he will phone me with his recipe (if he remembers that is) :)

Posted By: bill

Come on all you lovely ladies ( or guys ) how about a post on making traditional pancake mixture. I must admit I've always bought the packets and mixed with water . I looked in orfanides yesterday but couldn't see any of the pancake mix on the shelves Help ! Bill

Posted By: bill

Thanks Marion and Ruth . Had to go out and unfortunately got back to late to make any. I'll give it a spin tomorrow even though it will be a day late. Now if you kind ladies could also tell me about yorkshir pud mix ( is it the same ?) I will be in heaven. Bill

Posted By: Buddy

I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder. Makes me homesick though. 1st year not making them for my son. Going to cry now. Sue

Posted By: LynSab

In case anyone had forgotten its today!

Posted By: marion

Waitrose and Sainsburys are selling pre-mixed sachets at 1. You have to add more water or milk/water though! I like mine with sultanas mixed in with the batter then sugar and lemon as usual. Marion

Posted By: Buddy

I will Lyn, bet he won't do them though, lol. Sue

Posted By: Jan

Funny how these traditions are slowly being lost. On the BBC News this morning they were asking the public how to make a pancake and most of them had no idea at all. We always made them for our children and had great fun at all trying to toss them. They now carry the tradition on to their children. Cheap and lots of fun. I like mine just plain with lemon drizzled on top. Ian loves them to be filled with cherries and cream on.

Posted By: marion

Pancake Day on BBC Food website, including a link to Delia Smith's recipe.

Posted By: Balconia

Well I still carry on the tradition of Shrove Tuesday. Have to admit though I've got a lot of work on today so may have to resort to good old aunt Bessies If I am pushed for time :wink:

Posted By: LynSab

  • marion wrote:
    Pancake Day on BBC Food website, including a link to Delia Smith's recipe.

What Delia does,nt say, and I might be totally alone in this :cry: but my dear old gran always told me to rest the batter for a few hours if possible but for the life of me I can,t remember why :?
By the way traditional for me, but him indoors loves them hot with a bit of cold ice cream!! Once had a 'huge' one in Amsterdam topped with ice-cream, fresh cream and lots of chocolate sauce, unfortunately my body never got over the shock of soooo many calories and has fought back ever since :roll:

Posted By: Cardiff lad

I heard yesterday on Radio Napa that it was shrove Tuesday so I mentioned it to my mum and we decided to get pancake mix. We went to Orphanides and Kokkinos and totally forgot the pancake mix. I was looking forward to it as well as I haven't had a pancake for years.

Posted By: Hogarth55

Ahh, That's lovely Mark! John-yes John made our's last night, they were great too-from scratch, we like them with lemon and sugar.

Posted By: zam

My Family think I am strange as I love my pancakes with vinager and sugar not lemon like most people. Yummy! Anyone else do the same. Had pancakes yesterday and today as i love them. Zam :)

Posted By: kipper889

Something to do with the science bit Lynne. Well I have beaten my record tonight, a dozen pankakes made from scratch to finish in 15 minutes flat. Recipe: Grab a pint jug, crack in two whole eggs, 6 table spoons of Plain flour, three quarters of a pint of milk, beat with a whisk until your arm aches. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan on full heat, chuck in enough mix to cover the base, cook for 30 seconds, toss and cook for 15 seconds, Repeat 12 times ..DONE!! Chuck em on a plate, give to the kids with a bowl of sugar, quartered lemons, honey and choc sauce. DONE. Do I sound like Gordon Ramsay? Back on the comp in 15. :lol: Ruth :lol:

Posted By: kipper889

Slightly different for Yorkshire puds.
4 table spoons of flour
1 whole egg + 1 egg white (large)
3 fl oz Milk
2 fl oz Water
Whisk together but don't over work it, just till it comes to a single cream consistency, add more milk if needed.
Use a non-stick pan, put oil or dripping in and put it in the oven until the fat is really hot. Pour in mixture, cook on 200 degrees until crisp and golden (approx 30 minutes.)


Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi all, You can get answers to all sorts of questions on here :lol: :lol: Had mine one with lemon and one with jam \:D/ Cheers Steve

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

A few supermarkets (UK, Aldi for one) now do mixes in a bottle you just have to shake to mix, then pour. Bless her, Trish did me a few last night, made from scratch, no mixes!! Fresh oranges to squeeze over them, too. I love that woman almost as much as my stomach does!! :wink:

Posted By: AngieR

Really missed making endless pancakes yesterday for my two boys - no one home now to make them for :cry: Another happy memory of our days gone by, I remember when soon as I made one pancake for one son the other one son was there with his empty plate waiting for his next one and if I was lucky I got the odd one at the end! With sugar and lemon of course

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