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Posted By: marion

From Computer Weekly 6 June 2006: "Give the Guy a break and find him a job Downtime is gratified to hear that Guy Goma, the man mistakenly questioned live last month on BBC News 24 after turning up for a job interview, has an online fan base campaigning that he be found a suitable spot at the Beeb. Goma, who manfully fielded questions about the Apple v Apple trademark battle, was subsequently turned down for the data cleansing post that had taken him to the BBC studios in the first place. But a campaign is underway to right that particular wrong. A petition available to sign at reads, "We, the fans of Guy Goma, would like to support Guy's application for a full-time position within the BBC, following his recent application. Guy was mistakenly interviewed live on TV, rather than sitting the job interview he was in the building to attend. We urge the BBC to give Guy the job he applied for, or a better one. " Downtime has put its name to the petition and humbly suggests you do likewise." See for news and the video (really worth seeing) and for the petition. As an aside, perhaps we should have used this site for the Lanate petition as the names are verifiable? Marion

Posted By: Steve - SJD

  • marion wrote:

    As an aside, perhaps we should have used this site for the Lanate petition as the names are verifiable?

I think Suzie has been getting names by hand as well which would make
it difficult. Also you can only add one name at a time on the above site
I think which would reduce the numbers.
In all honesty though without the support of those in charge and the
community as a whole then you could have 10,000 verified or unverified
names and it wouldn't make a difference.
Hopefully all the names that have been added are genuine and can
be verified should anyone wish to do so.

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