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Posted By: cyprussmoothie

Daughter and fiance here with us. Yesterday they took me to the 5 star Aphrodite Hills Hotel to see if they would like this as their wedding venue for next year.
To say they gave me a fab day out is an understatement and the venue is out of this world. I think they have made this decision as their choice now and i could not be happier. She is a seniolr radiographer in London and he is a police sergeant in the Met so good combination methinks.
I am one proud Mum and Vince has been asked to give her away so yes after the terrible few years we have had, we are very very proud parents and this has given us so much to look forward to.
Have lost 2 stone already and now another 2 to go but what a goal to aim for eh? Plenty of time yet and plenty to plan and talk about.
Vee [its me]

Posted By: Bobbeer

8) :clap: :lol: Congratulations all round.

Posted By: Tangutica

Great to read this wonderful news of yours and know you have something very GOOD happening in your life!

Posted By: beersmaggie

Oh thats great. you both deserve some good news and a lovely event to look forward to. As to you losing 2 stone, mmmmm when your daughter has gone, I will pay you a visit for the and to meet Mum. Look after yourselves love Maggie Larnaca x

Posted By: baileyboy

Dear Deanna & Vince, If anybody deserves a change of luck it is you two. Congratulations to the young couple as well. Lots of planning ahead but knowing you , you will still have time for PICAS. All the very best .

Posted By: LynSab

That's great news Vee, Aphrodite Hills wow! You must be excited! Something very special to look forward to. My eldest is getting married very shortly, I'm so excited I feel sick :oops: With our wedding we also get two ready made grandchildren :D Who are the light of our lives already ( our sons fiancÚ is a widow) hopefully we will get the weather in the UK. Is the wieght loss intentional? If so well done, I've lost the same as well :D Could have done with a little more, but not to be. Sometimes it would be easier to be a man :wink:

Posted By: cyprussmoothie

Many thanks for such kind thoughts for us and our family. I am still on cloud nine as you can imagine at a time like this.
Now the weight loss. No secret i just eat a lot less than i did. Diets have not worked, yes i lost with them then back on it went. I lost 2 stone between October last year and March this year and, phew, it has stayed off now must find the secret to losing that other 2 stone because it seems to have remained static since March.
Because we live out here i was worried i would be left out of so much but no my daughter would not allow that at all which is why i was taken to help them sort the venue etc. They have now announced they will fly me to the UK later in the year to help choose the wedding dress and also help with the bridesmaids dresses. After that the grooms family will be left to help with that end of things and Vince and myself will be working with the wedding planner and sorting things out this end. Now if i don't lose weight doing all this then i give up, well no i don't but it was something to say eh?
Now must get in that pool and work off a few ounces, thanks for your thoughts meanwhile again
Vee [its me]

Posted By: Kat1888

Super news Deanna! You both sooooo deserve something wonderful as this to look forward to! Kat xx

Posted By: cyprussmoothie

Hi Kat, many thanks for the good wishes and i am still on cloud 9 believe me.
Plans are already being made as venue confirmed, menu confirmed, future son in law suitably spoken to believe me, now to slim down for the mother of the bride outfit but still looking online for ideas. Gosh am i enjoying all this or what?
Now how are you, not seen or heard from you for a while, hope all is ok.
Vee [its me]

Posted By: Kat1888

I'm ok Deanna, had a Laurel and Hardy moment.... (lost my balance whilst pulling on my jeans) #-o fell onto sharp edge and broke my ribs. :shock:...... PAAAINFUL! Out of action for a while. :roll: Kat x

Posted By: cyprussmoothie

Hi Maggie, always welcome you know that.
Kat poor you. Goodness me i should stick to skirts if i were you! Mind you i used to have to lie on the bed to do mine up then found i could not stand up again now that was frustrating i can tell you and made Vince laugh like mad which did not help at all.

I have found some fab Mother of the bride outfits but they are on an american site so sizing will be a problem never mind i love looking online. The plan is i will go to the UK so mother and daughter can look together later in the year. Now that again is something to look forward to eh?
Anything we can do then just phone okay?
Vee [its me]

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