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Posted By: campbell

Hi everyone, The post about pregnant or stupid started me thinking about nicknames and I thought it might lead to a few laughs.My old profession had a wicked sense of humour.Here's a few to start off -: A young detective called thrombosis - he was a slow moving clot. A whole shift called 'The Gurkhas' - they took no prisoners. A sergeant called 'The Olympic Flame' -he never went out. An inspector called 'The Bugler' - he sounded the retreat in a public order situation' A detective called 'The Cod' - unfortunately he had naturally bulging eyes. Any more? Cheers, Campbell.

Posted By: bromerzz

Nicknames from days gone by Chemo...cos he shaved his head and had a rather lumpy veiny skull Beeswax....cos he used to be a Grenadier Guardsman(spit,spit,sp..) Blooby...cos he had a rather embaressing disease Tintin...cos he had the same hairdo as the legendary character The Boss...cos i was Taxi...cos once upon a time he emptied his evenings expensesl in one Better be careful so thats enough

Posted By: JimPernera

'Bogroll' because his 'last three' was 000 - the form number (requesition number) for toilet roll!

Posted By: journeyman

Mug of Tea -He was always drinking one. Apes nest - he lived in a pit. Alky - beer in hand daily. Bear - thats me large and ? Worm - would wiggle out of everything. Harry - His first name was keith nobody new why we called him this :lol: Spock - spitting image of the star trek spock. Gizza - Surname was Goble (we pronounced Gobble) sorry about that one. Bear

Posted By: campbell

Just remembered some more, GST - otherwise known as Green Suede Teeth -lacking in dental hygiene. The Mekon -You had to be a fan of Dan Dare to appreciate this. Ghosty - Never looked well. Crusty - would do anything to 'earn a crust in overtime' Sticky - short for Sticky Paws - a natural detective who just had 'a feeling' that someone was carrying something illegal and was invariably correct. Pluto - never seen anyone so miserable looking in my life. Anaesthetic - so boring he'd send you to sleep. Cheers, Campbell.

Posted By: Tina Torment

  • campbell wrote:

    A young detective called thrombosis - he was a slow moving clot.
    A detective called 'The Cod' - unfortunately he had naturally bulging eyes.

Ah! Worked with wonderful Bob the Cod (he loved his bottles of dog) and also Thromb. Mind you, not a lot of others would not work with Thromb! Also, a few others who had wonderful names such as Stewy 'DOESN'T NEED A RADIO' Kyle, Fluffy Padham (not sure why but knew it was rude), Spider (cause he was tall, skinny with long arms and legs) Horney Corney, Wriggly Niggly (Nigel - all rude) Peanut (because of his undercarriage!) Tutensharmun (Sharman). We even had a high ranking officer named Winston Churchill.....I kid you not and he was a lovely man.
We had fine officers who worked out from BellyJam (Bellingham) and strong men from the North Side where men were men and sheep were frightened. North side being North of the Tyne were the peat bogs had just the right consistency, the right amount of rain and sheep dottle, to a make wonderful poultice! Cured all ailements and them some! And every evening....when the guests had been given a cup a hot horlicks, tucked in and read to, we had the ceremony of the Change over of the Key's, where the lads would bring the station keys out on a purple cushion, all stood to attention, faced North and finally the hand over to the next shift took place, after a ten gun salute!
I could right a book with all the characters.......they were a great bunch and I will miss them loads....but what the hell, no contest next to Cyprus!

Posted By: Chris Mooney

I had an Inspector once, we called "The wandering Genie" - coz he'd lost his bottle and a female office who was lovingly referred to as "margerine legs" can you guess why? Public order trainers and/or PTI's were known as "Knuckle draggers" and police motorcyclists called "the eternal flames" coz they never went out.. Aahh memories... Chris

Posted By: campbell

We had a newly promoted Sergeant who was called The Zulu.He was vertically impaired and,as a result of that his nightstick used to drag along the ground 'til it got a point on it - just like a spear!! There was another lovely lad called Lumpy.He was about 20stone and you didn't call him that to his face. Cheers, Campbell. :lol:

Posted By: Kwacka

In my long distant youth used to know a guy who was known as 'dratsab' - intelligent, but slow in catching on to jokes, etc.; i.e. a bit of a backward ....

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