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Posted By: Ristac

I went to watch "I am Legend" the other day, well it nearly spoilt my Christmas... Anyone else seen it, if so what did you think? My opinion was slow, sad and the German Shepherd part killed the whole film for me :(

Posted By: mortzicia

Did you like the german shepherd? I thought she took a good part!

Posted By: Ristac

  • mortzicia wrote:
    Did you like the german shepherd? I thought she took a good part!
I have two myself and put myself in his position :cry:

Posted By: carollynne

I thought the same as you Richard, very slow and sad, one minute he was the last person around, next minute the woman and kid came on the scene. Very disappointing for me. Carollynne

Posted By: Campbell Findlay

Hi everyone, I am back in UK at the moment and went to see this. After all the media hype and the fact that it supposedly grossed more than Lord of the Rings I really looked forward to it.Ho Hum -it was a variation on a theme of "One man and his dog against the disease ridden world"Two other films sprung to mind "Soylent Green" and The Omega Man.The dog was great and the mutants were convincing otherwise 3/10. Cheers, Campbell.

Posted By: mortzicia

I was absolutely decked. Dont want to say what happened though cos its a spoiler for other people. I'm looking forward to the new Johnny Depp film about Sweeney Todd...

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