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Posted By: Yvette

For those of you on myspace there's a new ex-pats in Cyprus board started up It's pretty new so bear with it........

Posted By: jo

Hi Yvette im already on My Space look under groups and search for Ceroc Leamington spa Nice House picture's Be calling you posh bird soon See you soon Jo

Posted By: Yvette

Right I'm going to add you Jo, See you next week babes

Posted By: Ristac

  • Yvette wrote:
    Right I'm going to add you Jo, See you next week babes
I read the above line (and my mind read " see you next to babes ", clicked the link and had to smile to myself as the first image that greeted me was a donkey! I keepp hearing so much about both myspace and youtube and I haven't really got around to taking a good look at either of them yet..

Posted By: jo

Hi Yvette Have added you to be my FRIEND so we can now have private chats!! See you soon Will your mobile No work in England?? Jo XXX

Posted By: Balconia

Richard You really must have a look at My Tube - It's mint as my 16 yr old would say!! Have had some great fun looking up old vids recently.

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