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Posted By: LynSab

Well the day has finally come! My poor little tom cat is going to have his manhood snipped tomorrow :( I am worried as its the first operation I have had on an animal in Cyprus although Tasos I,m sure will do the business :) but still its a bit nail biting, probably more for him(the cat) than me, although I have,nt told him :oops:
He is (the cat) as mad as a box of frogs and attacks all who enter our home and we are covered in scars!! He sleeps peacefully but when he wakes its on with the safety clothing!! I have owned many lovely cats in my long life but this particular young man lived on his own planet before I stupidly brought him home :shock:
He rules ok, most of this house does not allow you to talk, phone or read the paper if he does not wish it. As I type I have dragged him out from behind the comp screen ten times as he knows one day he will bite thru the right cable to stop what I am doing and focus on him totally, which is something I do 99% of the time anyhow.
He cries pitifully when we leave the house which makes us come home quicker just because he misses us, when we arrive home the attack starts and only stops when he tires. All our friends have left with scratches, he really is playing! no hissing or ears back at all just a strong will to win the game.
People we know who do not like cats, means when thay arrive he is shut in a downstairs room, but this has resulted in the door coming off its hinges nearly so we have to try and hold him instead. He has drawn blood a few times and is astonished when shouted at :shock: Big eyes and 'what' is how he looks. The house is full of toys to keep him 'entertained' which he does do, but he bores easily and turns to the 'human toy' as much more fun.
Nevertheless we his staff/owners view him as totally 'ours' and are worried for his well being tomorrow BUT if he comes back a changed animal [-o< thank god for that!

Posted By: deedeepuss

What a beautiful cat. I had my 'Smokey Joe' done, and I felt so sorry for him. When I picked him up from the vets he stood in front of the fire and just flopped over onto his side, because he was sore. Poor little love. A couple of months later he got run over, I was devastated. I also felt so bad about having put him through the snip a few months earlier. :cry: I think it is for the best that he is done, they go for miles for a she cat if they aren't snipped. Not that they have to go for miles to find one in Cyprus :)

Posted By: kipper889

Hi Lyn, I'm sure he will be fine, I am a massive cat fan too. Lost mine after 19 years in September. Still can't bring myself to have another. You have to 'go' with cats, they do what they want when they want. But my girl was my first baby we had her before any of our three kids, and I miss her like mad. Ruth

Posted By: contrarymary

Lyn he will be ok, Tasos did our cat, who is a girl and she is wonderful

Posted By: LynSab

Thankyou all for your comforting words, deedeepuss(we were from Shropshire too near Ellesmere) sorry about Smokey that is always the greatest fear with being a cat owner their demise on the roads which will bring me to the next question in a sec.... Ruth we lost our last cat at 19yrs old, well we actually had to put him to sleep thru illness this was about 20 months ago we also vowed we were not going to go thru that again, as you can see we gave in!! contrarymary, Tasos is good with animals and I have grown to trust him with Milo as of course with your animals its important to have the right people looking after them. Milo is out and home after his day and overnight stay, although alarming quiet for him (I think his voice has gone, Siamese never shut up!) he has ate drank and flopped down and I am enjoying the quiet moment for now. He seems fine although I think the grade 2 he has on his nether region will not do his pulling power much good, and he is shall we say lighter by a couple of items! He obviously blames me as he does,nt want my attentions at the moment, but he will once he gets hungry again...........typical young man. It cost 59.80 plus some anti-biotics which I think is good considering he was there overnight! Seen as this is on the subject of cats in Cyprus, my question is we are hoping to move in the next couple of months and I know what to do with him regarding moving and keeping him in etc which by the way so far we have always done, he just strolls on the balcony everyday(its quite big). We are moving to Vrysoulles with agricultural land on three sides, road is a distance away but its there, we have a big plot of land with the bungalow.The plan is to let him wander in his own territory at least, as the thought of leaving windows doors shut all the time to keep him in seems unfair. I know the dangers of the road are common everywhere for cats but in Cyprus he will have more dangers to contend with than the norm we all know what they are so I won,t list them. I suppose really what I am saying would you risk giving him some freedom (although never at night) just so he can have a bit of life and also so we can breath air without worrying if he has got out. My last two cats lived a country life in Shropshire and only had to worry about being stood on by a cow! but we managed to train them at a young age to stay close to home. Not sure what to do, would like to know what everyone else does or will do?

Posted By: deedeepuss

Hi Lynn Having been through the heartache of losing my cat through a road accident, I think I would still let my cat out to have some freedom. I personally think it would be better to give him some quality of life and a bit of excitement running around outside. It broke my heart to lose Smokey and I cried for days, but I feel that cats like to have a run around, and are quite independant. I live in Weston Under Lizard, next to Weston Park, I came over to Ellesmere a couple of years ago and took my parents to lunch at a little place on the edge of the lake. I can't remember the name of it though. It was very nice. I don't have any cats as my garden backs straight onto the A5, however my next door neighbour has 3 cats and they live very close to the main road, and (touch wood) they tend to keep this side of the road and go into the park. Whatever you decide to do I am sure will be right for Milo.

Posted By: Voyager

So, how is Milo doing now?

Posted By: LynSab

  • Voyager wrote:
    So, how is Milo doing now?

Well we thought it might quieten him a little and maybe cool his 'aggression' so far he is absolutely, exactly the same and continues to race around like a hooligan if you are lucky he will not 'get' you as you pass, more often than not he does. Anything you pick up in the house usually has a cat hanging off it and he continues to 'attack' visitors to the house!
There is a 'mix' in his look coming thru now, although siamese he is developing a stripe, definitely tabby looking, or maybe tiger :roll: .
Whatever, he is totally barking and we think this is 'him' and maybe not hormones!
He could be bored so we bought him a harness and lead he now goes for walkies :oops: :roll: unbelievable!

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