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Posted By: Buddy

Sitting here and thought I would have a moan. Came out as, after 3 years the pool would finally be finished. They came Monday as promised. Finished Tuesday and said everything was ok. I was very excited. After a couple of hours I jumped in. My friend and I had a good swim and really enjoyed it. Later that afternoon 2 more guys turned up from L imassol to check the pool. Ok I thought thats good. Then the shouting started. They were on the phone and got the representative to come down. More shouting. Apparently the skimmers were blocked solid with mud. After 3 years I could'nt believe that it was all going wrong. Came back again today to try and sort it out. Still can't swim. Coming back tomorrow, again. Trust me that was the short version. Will let you know if I get swim in before I leave. Still I am here, I have switched the light on and it looks great. But also feel like a kid who has been given a toy and told not to play with it, just look. Keeping positive though. Well trying. Buddy ](*,)

Posted By: Elizavet

Or like a kid who has been given a new toy at Christmas and its broken and the shops shut until after Christmas :cry: What a shame I know you were so excited about the pool finally being completed. I hope it all gets fixed for you to have another dip before you come home.

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

Or a toy at Christmas, a battery opperated toy... ......with no battery! Been, seen, t-shirt etc. :(

Posted By: Buddy

Update. True to form they never showed today. Somehow though they said there is a rock in the pipe. Obviously been using their psychic powers to see this. They say they have to send an expert from Limassol. I said when, they said don't know. I said I go home tuesday and the only reason I came is to get this done. Let's see what happens monday. I feel the bill for my airfare coming on. Buddy

Posted By: Buddy

Update 2 Well I'm back in the UK and it's still not solved. They came and got it working using something that's a bit technical for me. The camera is supposed to be coming this week to see where the blockage is. I won't hold my breath. The head office man said that the worse case scenario is that they will have to dig. That means all my nice surround etc. As least they cleaned it and I got to use it. Buddy

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Sounds like it was an interesting time Sue :? Hopefully all will be ok when you return. Cheers Steve

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