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Posted By: Road Warrior

Started this thread because the Shanghai Dragon thread was wandering a little, this really started on that thread. I understand the sentiments expressed at the end of that thread though do not actually agree with them. I can see the idea of this site as a way of getting information out to people who are buying, renting or thinking of either, not as a way of meeting people. Having lived here on and off for quite a few years I have noticed that British people in Cyprus seem to go about perpetually in groups..................of British people, frequenting the same pubs and restaurants, talking about the way things are / were, back home. For me this is one way of making sure that I avoid such places. It's fine to post and read posts from others but for me, that's as far as it goes, my Cypriot friends here in Cyprus have remarked to me about our British "need" for want of a better word, to surround ourselves with all things British, I have no answer for them.......................

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi RW, Thanks for the posting - not sure if there is an answer to this one. People use the forum for many different reasons but I do understand where you are coming from. However for a lot of people moving is a daunting time and it can take a while to meet new friends etc when you finally arrive. Meeting other people who you have "spoken" to on the net in person can be a good way of getting things kick started. I guess it's up to each individual how far they take it and whether they want to immerse themselves in a wholly ex-pat community. Whilst it's true that for a lot of people that is what they want there are also many others who prefer to avoid that. Cheers Steve

Posted By: fluffpiedi

Hello toRoad Warrior. Oh dear please listen to some of us. Like your good self we too formed that opinion.
We have lived here for 12 whole months and noticed that, yes some Brits do "colonise" certain areas. BUT if we want, and we do, we have a happy, healthy mix of both Cypriot and British friends and acquaintances.
The thing we object to are the Brits who come over and expect the Cypriots to adapt to the British way of life.
We hear a constant moan from certain quarters "it's not like this in the UK' or "they would never do that in the UK" or "when are they going to learn from us our way is better" [how patronising is that one]?
We did not move here just for a better climate we moved here for a better life, their old traditions [which the Brits are trying to strangle] and firmly believe that if people like your good self and us do not try to enjoy and encompass them then in years to come it will be lost.
We personally have taken great pleasure in writing to people on Cyprus Life and Eastern Board before coming over and have had even more pleasure in meeting up with them. As Steve says it can be frightening and many find it daunting dealing with officialdom and red tape once here. We all help each other with where to go, who to see, what paperwork to take, what forms are needed the list is endless and like all good human beings are here to help one another.
I for one am a complete computer idiot and am forever heading to see Carolynne in Pervolia Internet Cafe for help, believe me she is a diamond!! Maggie also has come to our aid more than once and we in turn help others but having said all this we still keep our Cypriot friends. We feel sorry for those who only stick to their own kind as they are missing out on so much.
If things were so brill back in the UK then why the hell are they here? Stop moaning and start enjoying. Don't be whinging pommes!!!!
Warm wishes
Diana and Vince

Posted By: Hogarth55

Hi Di, Lovely talking to you on the phone to-day, and great to here you are recovering, it's good to here you so cheerie after being so ill, nothing get's you down. i agree wholeheartedly with you, we are hoping to make friends with both Cypriots and English/Scotts/Welch/Irish etc etc. i have a quote,'We are ah Jack Tamson's bairns' and i know I have said this before,we will always be mindfull that we are guests on Cyprus, and try to respect the way of life.

Posted By: fluffpiedi

Hi Pam erm who is Jack Tamson? Is Vince a "Welchman"? ha ha loved that one........ We invited ourselves here and must always remember we are no longer tourists. Diana and Vince

Posted By: Hogarth55

:lol: Sorry Vince, Welch? I'm hurrying too much, don't know who this man Tamson is Diane, but he has a lot of bairns lol.

Posted By: SensibleBob

As one of the people who strayed off topic in the original post perhaps I can express my thoughts. We lived in Paphos and found it very difficult to meet anyone outside the British pack.Many of them were the 'if only, not like that in UK brigadeetc' and for that reason avoided those places. But when we did go to the bar lots of Cyprus Living people were meant to visit it was nigh on impossible to get to recognise them.On moving to the east and visiting Green Garden a few times this was obviously different here but again within Kapparis although people are friendly etc who are we all?I've got chatting to people via my job (noy going there Steve!) and they suddenly say -oh so you're sensible bob! I then find out who their board name is etc. Now that's the point if we wanted to meet nore of the forum people how and where?Shirley's dos are great for waht they are intened a social night out but rarely do you meet other than a few people around your table.I was looking for a way to open it up on a casual weekly(?) basis whereby an agreed place and time etc would see us gathering if we wanted.I suggested this via an email to Steve and he agreed...suggest a time and place.Back to the people want to try this idea? I've added similar thoughts under the bird watching posts knowing not everyone would see that as a hobby but we could always launch a ramblers club or something? Bob

Posted By: bill

I have a holiday home in a Cypriot residential area of Larnaca . I have very few expat friends -- but the ones I do have are exceptionally good friends as I believe in quality not quantity. Most of my friends are Cypriot and I feel that I've been accepted by them. Now here's a nice story of something that happened to me last year One of my ex neighbours ( they moved to a bigger property about two years ago ) telephoned me in the UK around April time last year to ask when I would be coming on holiday as they wanted to christen their baby and wanted to arrange the date so we would be there. I felt that it was such a nice gesture by them and it really made me feel accepted and wanted. I've met some of the expat wingers and my honest answer to them is if they hate it so much the best thing is to go home where they obviously will be more happy. I also say the same to Cypriots that I know in the UK that whinge that Cyprus is better. I suppose that there are benefits in clinging together when you are new to a country but to be truthful you are not experiencing the real Cyprus if you do I shall retire in two months and move to Cyprus and I will be under no illusion as to what this entails and will accept Cyprus as it is warts and all. Bill

Posted By: Lew Lewis

Hi guys I have just joined the forum and see it as a great way to make contact with similar people and to obtain advice and ask questions. It is gratifying to know that people are willing to share and help felllow human beings without wanting anything in return. When we move over to Cyprus later in the year we intend to immerse ourself in the way of life and integrate into the community. We have bought an apartment in a block of twelve where there is only one other English couple and the rest are Cypriots and at present are trying to learn as much of the language as we can. There are many people in England, and I am sure every other country in the world, who colonise themselves into there own little "comfort groups" and fail to try and see the whole picture, or mix with other groups of people. This is mostly caused through losing sight of the things that are really important to you in this life (mainly through greed, envy or ignorance) Always remember "It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be Nice" if you follow this then it doesn't matter what race creed or colour you are you will always have a friend. We always try and see the good in people and have found as many English people that we would not mix with as we have of any other Nationality and visa versa. We say keep up the good work on the website and help as many people to make informed decisions about how to live a new life in this lovely country. Simon and Lynn

Posted By: bigal

We fell in love with Cyprus & its people during a weeks' holiday in 2004. A year later we returned , again for a weeks' holiday, & we bought a house! We took possession of our property in June 2006 & are moving out for good when Bigal retires in 2008. We love the whole way of life that Cyprus offers & have no intention of being anything but "guest" Cypriots when we move. We too hate the whingers & agree with many of the sentiments already posted. Why move to somewhere different if all you are going to do is moan & try & change it into what you left behind. So what if they sometimes seem a bit behind the times, modern living isn't always so great. Living in Cyprus - bring it on!! Ruth & Bigal

Posted By: fluffpiedi

Hello and kalimera to all. How refreshing to read the comments about integration. It is so nice to hear from like minded people and i like to call us cypbrits. Catchy eh??? A big welcome to all those about to embark on their adventure and use us for all the information you will need. Elaine, if you read this i have lost your email address. Oooops butterfingers on the computer, sorry. Luv to all Diana and Vince

Posted By: carollynne

Deanna You little sweetie :D its always a pleasure to help, that's what friends are for :) Carollynne

Posted By: SensibleBob

What a lovely name 'Cypbrits'.Bet someone uses it for a bar soon?!Maybe alter it a bit to Sipbits

Posted By: fluffpiedi

Hi Carolynne, great to talk to you and we wish Adrian well. Sensible Bob, gosh can tell you are not a drinker as sipbits? Sipalot more like. I don't drink a lot just sip a lot. Gurgle gurgle, hic hic!!! Diana and Vince

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