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Posted By: DAC

Hi, Switching the lights and standby things off is a good place to start. We nearly always use the 30 setting on the washing machine and the microwave is switched off when not in use, there are plenty of clocks without needing that one as well. This one will sound really stupid, but it works. Write a shopping list before you go to the supermarket and be strong and ignore all the 'Aisle -Enders' that are put their to entice you to buy; as I am a tight git anyway, I see it as a challenge to beat them! :lol: When we are on holiday, we take a big cool box of sarnies, salad, fruit and drinks to the beach, plus we also take a jug style flask of coffee, It saves a fortune and means that we can spend the money on other things, mainly Jet Bikes :D :D Dave

Posted By: Jan

I keep reading that their will be loads of families in dire debt after the festive season and just thought it would be good to find out how some of us manage our money (not big finances) just the every day household things. My parents were butchers and Mum often made stews using sheep's head or cow heel and vegetables and it was cheap and nourishing. She made her own bread to go with the stew. Never in debt all her life. Cannot imagine the young ones doing that sort of thing - nor me these days. I do still make soups though using chicken. I shop around for the best prices in the supermarkets. So come on how do you make the pounds go further?

Posted By: James Court

Rarely shop in supermarkets, use small shops then you only buy what you need. Buy fresh ingredients and cook proper food, don't buy fast food or heavily packaged ready meals. As already mentioned, always take lunch and drinks out with you, find a nice beach or picnic site, just as much fun as eating in bars and restaurants. Cycle, there are some quite good cycle paths in Eastern Cyprus now, a bit iffy in some places but you can cycle easily between Paralimni, Kapparis, Protaras & Napa. Take family to see all the lights for a night out, very entertaining as they are quite funny really. Love the snowmen on the roundabout - they look like a bunch of Morris Dancers. Happy Christmas to All in Eastern Cyprus.

Posted By: Tash

I shop in all three of the big supermarkets, only getting certain things from each one (the cheapest) All my electric bulbs are energy savers, even the outside ones. On our developement sometimes it looks like Blackpool Illuminations and not an energy saver in sight. We never leave tv on standby, as this is as wasteful as leaving it on all the time. I like to shop around and dont buy the first thing I see. Finally, leave your kids in the UK, as they can spend your money quicker than anything :lol: :lol: :lol: Sandie

Posted By: Steve - SJD

  • So come on how do you make the pounds go further?

Don't take the wife out shopping :roll: :lol:
I'll get my coat....

Posted By: DAC

Hi all,
I read an article in The Times a few months back about Energy Saver Bulbs . It read that energy saver bulbs save money when they are on an warmed up, i.e. If you switch them on and leave them on, that is when they become cheaper than old style bulbs.
It also said that the energy saver bulb uses more energy than a normal bulb in getting to that economic state, so if the light is in a high footfall area where the light is switched on and off freqentely, i.e. a WC, then a normal bulb with a wattage of 20/40watts would be more economic.
I'm not an expert on these matters, I am merely passing on this quite plausible information.
P.S. If there was a National Register of Tight Gits, I'd be on it :D

Posted By: chuckie

Morning All, I buy my mince, chicken and English sausages from Litsas supermarket in Vrysoulles. The meat is the cheapest around and is good quality. Their ham is also excellent. Elomas on the Derynia - Frenaros road is also reasonable, and the Pound Shop is good. We've just had our white goods delivered, and although I didn't realise it at the time of ordering, they're all A rated. The washing machine has a 30 minute programme which I know i'll use a lot. Carol

Posted By: hatzyian

  • Steve - SJD wrote:
    • So come on how do you make the pounds go further?

    Don't take the wife out shopping :roll: :lol:
    I'll get my coat....

And don't let her near the computer with a credit card!!!!!!!
I've got my coat on too :shock:

Posted By: Ristac

I have just upgraded our boiler in the UK to a condensing one, switched three hallway and landing lights over to Magaman lights. They use 7 watts a bulb 3 bulbs in each 21 watts a light fitting... We had 5 way 50 watts each halogen before so 250 watts and we are haing cavity wall insulation fitted next week... I find its not when you go out shopping so much that you have to worry about, its the household bills, insurance, phone etc.

Posted By: Kwacka

Cyta are giving a free energy-saving bulb if you take in 3 dead 'normal' bulbs & a leccy bill. During my youth worked in restaurants and very little thrown away. e.g. home-made veg soup - potato & carrot peelings, outside leaves of cabbages, lettuces. Boil up, add a bit of stock, pass through sieve. Now, sometimes have at home except use a stock cube & stick in food processor. Buying a bungalow having external wall insulation fitted.

Posted By: woofsquared

Buying clothes in charity shops is a good way of, not only saving money, but also giving to others. I have had some amazing bargains from my local (UK) Cancer Research shop and when my father in law died recently (of cancer) we donated some of his things to the shop. So it can be true that what goes around comes around!

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