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Posted By: Louisecyprus

:( Just looking through my pictures of Protaras/Ayia Napa from our holiday last year...... enough said. :wink:

Nissi Beach....Ayia Napa

Green Bay near Protaras

The lovely Cape Greko :D

Posted By: beersmaggie

It is really cold here today. Last night it was only 40f and it hasnt warmed up much today either, brrrrr I wish it was summer then I wouldnt have to worry about how many layers I put on and will my flannelete sheets get dry, oh mother send me some warm Larnaca

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Louise, Seeing those pictures makes me want to be there - :bwink: lol Cheers Steve

Posted By: Balconia

Will you be over this summer Louise ?

Posted By: Louisecyprus

:lol: Steve..... you do mean the beaches of course dont you! :shock: :wink: .. love your Avator by the way, the Godfather trilogy if my favourite of all time :D .up with the deer Hunter.
:cry: No Balconia, not this year unfortunately. My son has a school trip over to France at the end of June, then im going to visit my parents, who live in Bulgaria (for 15 months now) in August...... :roll:
Still have good photos to remind me of what im missing though :wink:

:lol: Heres the lovely Piggy from the Spectrum Bar....... my kids love her to pieces! We also met maggie, her puppy last year....although she was MASSIVE :shock: LOL

Posted By: Balconia

Hi Louise The shame of it is that we were both over at the same time last year and we never got to meet :( School trips get ever more exciting - In my day it was a trip to Temple Newsam or, if you were lucky, York. :wink:

Posted By: Louisecyprus

  • The shame of it is that we were both over at the same time last year and we never got to meet

:( I know Balconia........ maybe next year though :wink:
:lol: And I know exactly what you mean about school trips aswell!

Posted By: Balconia

Louise Hopefully we will meet next year - Kept looking in Pernera /Protaras last year for the Leeds United Shirts but the only one we saw was on the back of our son :lol: :lol:

Posted By: Louisecyprus

:lol: :lol: I know what you mean! Funnily enough I saw a lad with a Cyprus football top on....... :roll: wish I had got one over there........ got back to England and I cant find one ANYWHERE :shock: .. nor even on EBay :wink: I want it for me by the way :lol:

Posted By: uk_len

My mate sells official Cyprus shirts ( outlet of the CFA ), click on the link to go to his web page :
Tell him Steve recommended him to you.
Hope that helps

Posted By: Louisecyprus

:D :wink: Thanks for the link Steve.....

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