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Posted By: ashar

Just heard on the greek news that interpol are in cyprus looking for an English family that have been renting in Napa with there 3 children, one who looks like Madaline, this family have recently fled there apartment taking the fridge cooker etc which belongs to there landlord. Anyone else heard anything ??

Posted By: FatMob

yes, I saw a whole page dedicated to it in a friend's Greek language newspaper today. Unfortunately I couldn't read it, but there are photos of the time she disappeared, and predicted images of how she would look now, at approx 10 years of age, I was told that someone has observed a girl whom they say bears no likeness to the rest of the family, that the family was English..and that they have fled, and that Interpol are involved in following up the information...they made no mention of property or goods having been taken..but as i say..i couldn't read it myself

Posted By: Tangutica

This came up on Google. (The little girls name is Madeleine)
  • AYIA NAPA - Police Spokesman Andreas Angelides stated on Saturday that investigations proved fruitless after a British tourist informed the authorities that he spotted what he believed to be missing girl Madeleine McCann in Ayia Napa.

Posted By: FatMob

Posted By: journo

If this is the same family as featured on the Forum as moving from one rented property to another, failing to keep up-to-date with rent, and also taking items of the landlord's property when they left, then I thought the update was that they had been arrested in the UK - Southampton to be precise. So it seems very unlikely one of the children was Madeleine - or the UK Police would have recognised that fact. Or... based on their perception and the ability of regional forces to share information ...perhaps not. Who knows?

Posted By: Norfolkbirdie

Isn't it amazing how these rumours start and then get legs? Yes the con artist family adults were arrested and no the child did not look like little Maddie. I was sent the Telegraph article by another conned owner who thinks a well meaning neighbour may have contributed to this. I don't know how the McCann family cope.

Posted By: Byker

  • Norfolkbirdie wrote:

    I was sent the Telegraph article by another conned owner who thinks a well meaning neighbour may have contributed to this.
    I don't know how the McCann family cope.

I agree....Give that neighbour a bloody good slap! :twisted:

Posted By: Norfolkbirdie

I think it was a genuine belief on neighbours part but.....

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