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Posted By: Kwacka On holiday to Portugal, a Salford man downloaded an episode of 'Lost' (and a few music tracks). The bill? 31,500 pounds. Watch what you're doing with UK phones when you come to Cyprus. :shock:

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Yikes - that's one serious bill!! Prison Break was good - but not that good :lol: Cheers Steve

Posted By: rockjock

Should his phone not have cut off when he reached the threshold agreed with his service provider. RJ

Posted By: Kwacka

Apparently his provider (Yes Telecom) didn't do this.

Posted By: AskCy

my mobile charges me 3 for 1 meg of download while in the rest of the EU ! ps doesn't lost turn out to be one big game show thing like the trueman show and that other one ! ? Steve

Posted By: Phil & Maria

personlly speaking, I go on holiday to get away from the TV, couldn't think of anything worse than wanting to see an episode of something....I'm sure it would be repeated the following week somewhere in the digital world, especially these days on Sky and Virgin!!

Posted By: AskCy

on the off chance we can't sleep one night and might want to watch something (and I haven't bothered to ask for tv in the room) I've put some mythbusters clips and thumbwars on my mobile.... (will probably add some other stuff before we go)... ah technology.... I remember when a radiogram without 78 speed was something special !.....

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