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Posted By: journeyman

Thanks again Ady, yep fully understood now so cheers.

Posted By: adyandkaren

No prob Graham On a couple of web domains I own, the mailbox is shared. If it fills up, then all email to that domain will bounce regardless of the bit before the @ Hope that makes sense lol Ady

Posted By: journeyman

Thanks Ady, Yes got that message about full mail box with the return e-mail, I also had Mario's e-mail and that came back the same. Did not want to ring as i never seem to get anywere with them on the phone, will do that tomorrow now and see what happens. :roll: Thanks again.

Posted By: adyandkaren

The website is still up and running Graham, and shows the same email addy as you posted. Perhaps as simple as a full mailbox? Ady

Posted By: journeyman

Have been trying to e-mail Karayiannas for past two days, e-mails are being bounced back. Anybody out there know of any problems with them(I do know about ongoing court cases). I have , just hope its ablip with their system and nothing more serious. Graham

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