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Posted By: Mr Tibbs

The West Lothian question - addressed?
After 16 years, during which Scottish MPs have been able to vote on legislation which purely affects England whilst English MPs have had no writ at all over similar matters north of the border.
"Parliament has backed English votes for English laws, excluding devolved MPs from some issues and prompting a second referendum warning"
Second referendum? Please can the English have a vote this time?

Posted By: Byker

  • The Scottish National party’s Pete Wishart expressed his frustration that the debate went on for more than an hour and half before any Scottish parliamentarian was called to speak. Dismissing the changes as “meagre, threadbare, inept and stupid”, Wishart told the chamber: “Scotland is watching this, and the mood is darkening.”

And the English don't give a **** 8)

Posted By: Mr Tibbs

The previous argument, that it would prevent Labour from effectively governing the UK from Westminster, has of course now been overtaken by events. Labour, previously with 41 seats, now have the same number of Scottish MPs as the Conservatives and Libdems................ 1 Furtermore, early indications are that the Scottish electorate have not taken at all to Jeremy's "anti-austerity" plans.

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