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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi all, Just got back to the UK - and one hour later it was raining :( No delays coming back - other than the usual fiasco at check-in! Have really had a great five weeks and it was good to meet up with a few members whilst I was there! Also visited some other areas which were nice to see and get a bit of a change. It does get worse leaving every time! Will just have to plan the next trip over :D Cheers Steve

Posted By: Kwacka

My sympathies are with you. We have to go back in November (I'm told) to visit family/friends. I've got to the stage where the weather doesn't bother me too much - what REALLY gets to me is the amount of chewing-gum on the pavements. Hurry back.

Posted By: shazzychap

Hi Steve, It was good to meet you, sorry we didnít get chance for a drink, but when our friends arrived it got rather hectic. John

Posted By: Steve - SJD

John, No problem I know how time can fly - was good to meet you and am sure there will be plenty more opportunities 8) Kwacka, LOL - not so much the chewing gum but the M60/M62 after 5 weeks away makes drivers in Cyprus look almost courteous :lol: Cheers Steve

Posted By: Tash

  • Steve - SJD wrote:
    makes drivers in Cyprus look almost courteous :lol:

Oooh Steve that is the biggest fib I have heard in a long time and you being site admin an all. :shock:
Tut Tut

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