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Posted By: Hogarth55

John is off on his own, and I'm WORKING!!! and feeling lonely, but he has to take care of business, so I will have to put up and shut up. He is staying at the Kouzalis Hotel, says it's a bit 'stiff' and the bed is hard, he he, that's what he gets for leaving me here. I think he is going to Spenders to-night with a friend, so if anyone else is in town, say hello. What was the problem at Larnaca Airport yesterday? john's flight was delayed at Edinburgh because of a 'problem' at Larnaca.

Posted By: kipper889

Hi Pam, Poor you stuck at home while john is swanning it. Hope he brings you back a nice prezzie from his trip. Not sure what the problem was at Larnaca, my parents flew back last night and said it was absolute bedlam in the departures. People were queueing right back to the coach park. Their flight left half an hour late, so that wasn't too bad. They did say that the crew on their a-jet flight were as miserable as sin though. Ruth

Posted By: Hogarth55

Hi Ruth, Swanner has just been on the phone, he says it was an air traffic control problem at Larnaca, but he got all three seats to himself on the plane, so was able to stretch out. That's some wait at check-in, we have always been lucky at Larnaca, and never had any wait, better not talk so soon eh?

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