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Posted By: Pinkmist

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am having some trouble here, I'm trying work out whether I'm actually homesick already, I've not been here 2 weeks yet and I feel like a fish out of water. I moved here to be with my Cypriot partner and I'm currently having trouble feeling like I belong here when he's at work, I was wondering whether anyone at all could relate to this and if so how did you deal with it? I never thought I would miss England, but I think it's more a case of missing familiarity? Does this to anyone?

Posted By: katiecustard

I feel exactly the same. I moved here with my partners job 7 weeks ago, and feel completely lost in the day time! Fine in the evenings/weekend, but the days seem so long. If you find out how to deal with it, let me know. At the moment I am just taking it a day at a time, rediscovering baking and reading, and all the fun stuff I put on hold for my career! :lol:

Posted By: Jan

Filrstly since you two do not seem to live miles away from each other then why not arrange to meet up for a coffee in Larnaca and then you would at least be able to chat. You have to give all new places and jobs a fair time because being away from home at first can be daunting and it is only natural to feel lost. Having moved around with my husband quite a lot then I can only advise you to try to meet others, go to coffee mornings, or places where you may meet others. Ask around if there is anyone else who is new to the area and may want to meet up. Can you partners introduce to any other wives or partners of their workmates. Join a language class to try to learn the language and to meet others from different Countries. Don't sit in the house try to go swimming at a local pool or to aan aqua-fit class to again meet others. Good luck and see how you feel in a few weeks when you have mixed a little.

Posted By: Pinkmist

Thats a very good idea Jan, I know that things could be a lot worse for me, I am intending to learn Greek from my partners sister in law when everything feels less scary. I think the main thing for me is that I'm quite shy and find it hard to mix, I'm told that one day I will wake up and it will feel like home, until then though I'm just craving english things and the familiar in general...36 years old and still getting upset like a little girl, shame on me lol Katie drop me a pm some time, one thing I did make him do was buy a telephone at last!

Posted By: chubbycheeks

katiecustard why not join our coffee morning at The Ozone in Agia Triada (see the "Paralimni Ladies Coffee Morning thread in the general section for more details). We have other ladies who come from Vrysoulles so you can meet "local" ladies as well as those of us who live in other parts of the island. Thursday mornings from 10am. Pinkmist the offer is of course open to you as well if you don't mind the drive from Larnaca to Paralimni/Agia Triada. Getting out & about & meeting new people, trying new things is the way to settle in. Also remember - we were all newcomers at some time. Ruth

Posted By: Pinkmist

Thanks for the replies guys :) I don't drive chubby but thankyou for the invite all the same lol :)

Posted By: MrsBouvier

Hiya Pinkmist, My suggestion would be to keep busy during the day...I don't mean "bury your head in the sand" but take your mind off it all...that way you may find yourself going along with life in Cyprus without even thinking about it. Anything from reading, shopping, join a club (swimming, aerobics etc) is the best way as you have to make yourself get up and out for each meet....are you able to get a part-time job?...if only a couple of mornings a week in a charity shop to mix with other people and take your mind off things...even this forum after a few weeks will make you feel more at home when people are posting about things local to your area in Cyprus and in the UK.... I fortunately (or unfortunately :lol: ) have three children so I have never yet reached a point where I have TIME to miss home or anything about the UK (other than my mother-in-laws babysitting & Asda prices!!)...I have also been very fortunate that many of our friends and family have come out to see 6 1/2 months we have had about 3 weeks without visitors...its hard work, expensive and we are always glad when they are leaving (in a good way) but has made the move so much easier to deal with. Maybe as you are having to integrate into a Cypriot family you are finding it harder...?? I think the fact that you don't drive might also be a big impact on how you are feeling...I can drive and drive if I am fed up...ending up looking out over Konnos bay or Cape Greco (The scenery can take your mind off a screaming child or cabin fever of the house) the midst of Protaras or Ayia Napa (which both remind me of the reason we left the UK) :roll: ...but its escapism....are you able to get a bus from where you live? Please don't worry about being thing I have found is that many ex-pats here have big personality's with opinions on everything so you would feel right at home as they chatter away at you....its not a bad thing...I just mean for someone to be bold enough and brave enough to up and move to another country usually means they are a little thick skinned...not always but its good to bounce off people like that some times! Hope this helps....remember this forum has lots to offer, even if you don't become involved you can sometimes feel like your sitting in a room full of people who are taking around don't be alone!! :lol: :lol:

Posted By: Pinkmist

Thankyou for the reply Marge :) It could be the "new family" thing making it feel stranger you could have a point there. I am feeling a little better since posting this actually, I'm convinced that with time it will disappear completely, until then I will do those things that make me feel better and hang out here more lol Tansy :)

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