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Posted By: kipper889

I bet you are all shocked to read the title of this thread. I have a halifax current account. I only keep a small amount in it and have a debit card in case of emergencies. I knew the balance was running low but hadn't checked it for a while. I found myself at Somerfield with a basketfull of shopping and had forgotton to take any cash with me. I (stupidly) decided to try my Halifax debit card. Obviously it would be rejected if there wasn't enough in the account to cover my 30 bill. If it was rejected I would use my Visa credit card. The payment went through and I made a mental note to check on my balance and top it up if need be. Two days later I received a letter to say that I was 25 overdrawn and would be charged 30 for the privelege. I telephoned them to explain that I thought the card wouldn't have been accepted if there were no funds in the account and they agreed to withdraw the charges. It just shows that it is worth a two minute phonecall. I have learned a lesson to keep a closer eye on my bank account balances. Ruth

Posted By: chubbycheeks

  • It just shows that it is worth a two minute phonecall.

I agree Ruth
Due to a computer glitch my wages were once delayed by 48 hrs. DD's & Standing orders were paid as usual from my account which made me go about 20 overdrawn.
Like you, I got a letter saying I would be charged 30.
I phoned my bank & once they checked & comfirmed my delayed wages situation the charge was withdrawn.

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

I'm with the Cooperative Bank here in the UK. I do not have an agreed overdraft facility. I have gone overdrawn twice in the 3 years I've had the account due to using my debit card when payments in have been late. They did not charge me a penny. Indeed, they didn't even send out letters.

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