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Posted By: DAC

When Nigel speaks all the Europhiles put their fingers in their ears and run around in circles shouting "LAH LAH LAH WE'RE NOT LISTENING". The truth hurts and people just hate to hear it. All to painful and much easier to ostracise and ridcule someone than accpet that they're actually telling the truth.

Posted By: ProVox

The interviewers voice had the same effect on me as fingernails being scraped down a blacboard but, it was worth putting up with that to hear Nigel Farage's words of wisdom .................

Posted By: Tangutica

Oh that female commentator DID grate on me! But I stuck it out!
What's new? Here he is, love his little heart, I love him and wish there were more like him! 3 yrs ago here (and what difference has it made?)
UKIP is v. popular in the west country - where I hailed from before deserting the sinking ship for Cyp!
He always AMUSES me even when he doesn't INSPIRE me!

Posted By: Kwacka

Farage will say anything to get publicity, but because you and others agree with what he says publicly doesn't mean its "just the way it is" ( an 'argument ad populum' logical fallacy), it means that you agree with what he says - no more, no less.
Consider how many agreed with Hitler, not only in Germany but the UK too. When many agreed with him, were his policies right?
Did his policies change, or did peoples' beliefs about him/his policies change?
(BTW, I'm not comparing forum members or Farage with Hitler, but pointing out that because a number of people hold a similar view we should not accept that view as accurate nor inaccurate, it is merely opinion).

Posted By: ProVox

  • Farage will say anything to get publicity,

Doesnít any politician? People vote on their opinion of the candidate and his opinions, therefore if his opinion is popular he/she gets the job. Very few people take the trouble to go into the opinion in depth and try to confirm his/her opinion is actually based on fact or conceivable accuracy. Itís what they do once they get the job that is of more significance in the long term.
  • Consider how many agreed with Hitler

Many things that he did in his early years were very popular with the Germans and benefitted millions of them, it was later that he became obsessive and the people just stuck their fingers in their ears and went Ď La La La La La .... I know nothing !í just like a lot of people do now with many aspects of life today, far too many to mention here. Basically people generally do not like hearing the truth, particularly if it clashes with their own perception.
  • Did his policies change

No, it is just that very few people saw further than the end of their noses and the implications of some of his policies, were not immediately obvious. 20/20 hindsight is all very well but, foresight is inevitably more beneficial!

Posted By: DAC

And, obviously, the communist that kowtow to Brussles will deride hima t every opportunity.

Posted By: Kwacka

Farange's 'interpretation' of events:
Shocking that a democratically elected PM should be forced out (says the man who took over 5 million euros in expenses from the EU).
George Papandreou was "forced out of office by 'EU bully boys'" for 'daring' to suggest a referendum regarding staying in/coming out of the euro.
Meanwhile, in Greece:
1. 31st October PM suggested a referendum,
2. 3rd November, drops planned referendum.
3. 5th November, PM/Government win vote of confidence in Parliament.
4. 6th November, PM meets with opposition to form 'govt of national unity', to enable EU/IMF loans to go ahead. Opposition had earlier said that they would not join coalition if it was lead by Papandreou , so he resigned.
Is Farage right, the opposition is under the command of 'EU bully boys'?
If that is the case, surely the Farange & the rest of the rabid right in every EU state should be standing up and demanding that Papandreou is re-instated?

Posted By: case

Love the man, he says what I want to happen in the UK, I just wish more British Voters had the b.lls to vote for some new politicians rather that the run of the mill we have had over and over again.
In my perfect world No.10 Downing Street would rule the country I live in and Westminster would debate and vote through all new laws related to the UK, including borders and immigration.
With regards to the EU I would only want free trade agreements nothing else, a British Passport would go back to its original colour and anyone else not having one would need a visa to get in.
We should never have let go of the commonwealth in such a way look at some of those poor commonwealth countries, British know how could have helped build them up especially in Africa where China seems to be doing a good job at the moment and reaping the benefits.
MPís thought Winston Churchill lost the plot when he warned about Herr Hitler and friendís years before his warnings came true, letís not make the same mistake again.
We had a civil war here many years ago to get rid of absolute rule by one single person not elected, and many unheard of people of these isles who none remembers went on many demonstrations to get us the rights we enjoy today , that are being taken away slowly, slowly.
Perhaps we should rename the EU as the ďKremlinĒ

Posted By: Mr Tibbs

  • Kwacka wrote:
    Consider how many agreed with Hitler, not only in Germany but the UK too. When many agreed with him, were his policies right?

Godwin's Law? :lol:

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