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Posted By: Mike jackson

Hi everyone
Lets all hope the the New Year is great for us all & for those that have had sadness decend on them this year that the new year helps a smile break through & you are able to breath a little more easily.
Mike the sgalout

Posted By: LynSab

I second what Mike says and add a healthy 2008 wish to all too.

Posted By: marion

As I posted on another thread... I'd like to share this with you...
"As you start to think about what you want to accomplish in 2008, it's important to embrace why you're doing it.
Watch this short movie - The 12 Tenets - simple lessons for the New Year. They may serve only as food for thought. Or one of them might just change your life forever.
It only takes 5 minutes, so turn up your speakers and enjoy this heartfelt message!"

Posted By: dawnnett


Posted By: JIM

Happy new year to all members here and a thank you to Steve for his hard work over the last year, continued success mate!!

Posted By: Buddy

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that everyones dreams come true for 2008. Only 3 sleeps before the big move. Buddy

Posted By: Jewels

Happy New Year Everyone, all the best for 2008! Julie

Posted By: Petros

:D Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year....good luck Buddy,have a safe journey on Thursday...we have only 4 sleeps... and happy birthday to Carollyne for friday. Peter and Ann

Posted By: Jinty

Aw Ra Best to everyone for 2008!!!
Thanks to Steve and his 'little helpers' for keeping the forum alive, and thanks to all for the valuable advice given to me.
(I'm not finished yet :lol: , will be asking loads more ? when we start to make the move).

Posted By: salopman

Thanks to all for their friendship on the board this year,thanks to Steve too, We both hope everyone has a safe and happy 2008 and hopefully some prosperity too!! All the very best - Sue and Paul xx

Posted By: deedeepuss

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year, and good health in 2008. I wish everyone moving to Cyprus a very safe journey, and lots of future happiness. :D

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hope you all have a good one! I've just had a tooth out so if my typing sounds muffled it will be the anaesthetic :wink: :lol: Cheers Steve

Posted By: Jinty

Good one, Steve! :lol: :lol: :lol: Cheers, Jinty

Posted By: contrarymary

Happy New Year to everybody

Posted By: Daren and Tracy

Happy new year everybody, av a gud un. Daren, Tracy and baby Lewis. P.s Lewis sends kisses with bubbles.

Posted By: Yvette

Have a great 2008 everyone (Marion - its not 2008 yet babes, just thought I'd mention it :? )_

Posted By: Dave & Ness

Happy new year to everyone, i hope it will be as exciting for everyone as ours will be. Dave, Ness, Madison and Finley

Posted By: Forest44

Happy New Year to everyone especially to Ronnie & Gizmo the cat!! Dave & Anne.

Posted By: Balconia

Wishing all members and especially friends in Kapparis a Happy and healthy 2008.

Posted By: greeny

:mad: happy 2008 to you all Jane

Posted By: Hattie

For the 2nd year running the cat has been the 'first-foot' for me................not so good.............last year wasn't wonderful!! Think I'll buy a dog for 2009.......... :shock:
From a 'flu-ridden (and other related problems!) Hattie - here's wishing all of my friends old and new on Cyprus Eastern their hearts desire for 2008. Back to my sick bed now!

Posted By: planetgillrocks

Happy new Year everyone. Hope the hangovwers aren't too painful!!!! Hope that 2008 brings everyone wonderful things. Don't forget though - every experience we have, both good and bad, helps to make us who we are. Gxx

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

2008: I AM THE NEW YEAR I am unused, unspotted, without blemish, I stretch before you three hundred and sixty-six days long. I will present each day in its turn, a new leaf in the book of life for you to place upon it your imprint.

Posted By: tedbel

Good luck to everyone in 2008 Dave and Jackie

Posted By: sandalex

Best wishes for 2008 to everybody. It's time to sell the house now we've got the festivities out of the way. Looking foward to getting over and accustoming ourselves to another currency (I liked Pounds, Shillings and Pence - I was going to type LSD, but thought better of it). It's raining here (North East England), and I can't get a decent melon anywhere. Cheers

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