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Posted By: Balconia

Hi Folks Having a fab holiday and have only been bitten once this time :lol: :lol: Weather as expected is brilliant. Not seen many Cyprus Eastern t shirts at all- where are you folks ? !! Kapparis is very busy as is Pernera and Protaras - but i'm chilled out and enjoying the siga siga life !!! Chat soon

Posted By: Cardiff lad

Glad your having a good time. Even if I was there I wouldn't be in a Cyprus Eastern t-shirt as they haven't got them in my size.

Posted By: marion

Good to hear from you Carol. So glad you're enjoying yourselves. Few questions: - Is the work at Sundays intrusive? (Guess it will shut down next month) - Have you seen Jimmy Nail at Spenders? - Any more evidence of another supermarket and ATM opposite Karas? - Any problems getting sunbeds at Karas? Any other goss, please PM/email me :wink: Marion

Posted By: SensibleBob

Carol says only been bitten once..well chep way of avoiding the mossies etc get a ot of basil on the window sill,the nasties wont fly in and you've got a bit of something tasty for your salads.

Posted By: greeny

Hi Carol and family Wish we was there 3 weeks to go 8) Ref tshirts i have xl and would need to be size 4 to get in it lol :? Jane

Posted By: Ristac

Hi Carol Glad your having a good time, but you didn't say who bit you? :wink: Regards Richard

Posted By: Balconia

Richard You are very naughty :wink: :wink:

Posted By: AngieR

HI Carol Sorry to say I'm wishing your holiday away :oops: only because as you leave we arrive! We'll miss seeing you all. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hopefully catch you next year. Love Angie PS Richard might be naughty but he did make me chuckle!!

Posted By: Balconia

Angie No doubt you will be there now- If you read this hope you have a great holiday . Marion- No Probs getting sunbeds at Karas. Didn't go into Spenders so didn't see Jimmy Nail ! Work well underway at Sundays - But you can't really hear anything. No Further progress re Supermarket and atm Hth

Posted By: marion

Thanks, Carol. Marion

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