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Posted By: Ristac

I see that the main forum index has a Google PR4 now and yet the main front page (remove the .index.php) has a PR2... How are the search term results going Steve? Just wondering with so many new members how many have found us through the search engines and how many through recommendations.. Richard

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Richard, At the moment we are just coming through yet another Google update :roll: I think we may have spoken after the last one in which we lost 12,000 pages out of Google - I wasn't happy at the time. After a bit of tweaking this new update has been kinder and we have got back over 850 pages - though with Google lately nothing is ever straightforward :wink: Not sure of the breakdown to be honest but the bandwidth consumption when the various spiders visit make interesting stats :? HTH Cheers Steve

Posted By: Elizavet

Guys this is to technical for me , what do you mean? :?

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Elizabeth, Richard was asking about the ranking Google gives certain pages of the forum. Also discussing how many pages from the forum are included in Google's index - this along with loads of other stuff will determine how easy it is for people who are searching Google to find us. As an example if you type "eastern cyprus" into Google then you will see what I mean. It's a bit geeky, time consuming and a lot of effort behind the scenes at times and the goal posts keep moving which doesn't help :roll: HTH Cheers Steve

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