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Posted By: journeyman

Heard on radio today that from tonight Google st maps(camera views) are available for most of Uk, just checked our village out in the sticks and hey presto there we are. Dont know about Cyprus but great for ex pats wanting to browse their old haunts..... :) :) :) :)

Posted By: salopman

Yes quite right 99% of all UK homes are now on it, go to google,then click on maps,put in address,when it finds your area/street click on little orange man on left hand side and drag onto where your area is,then it should open up a picture which you can move,walk down,turn around,its very good. You will notice that most number plates of cars are blanked for security reasons but Ive still spotted a few that they missed!

Posted By: marion

What's also very useful is when you ask for directions. If you click on a direction eg Take the ramp, it splits the right hand pane into two, giving a photo in the top pane and the map in the bottom one. You can also step back, so you can see any landmarks. Think you have to be logged in to your Google account and using the Beta version though. (See the New! link in top right menu bar.) This also gives a new Drag'n'Zoom feature which is time-saving. After all my years in computing, I continue to be amazed at all these advances in technology. Marion

Posted By: Cardiff lad

The google map of mine is 3 year old and the street map is nearly two years old.

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Is this the same as Google Street View?? Cheers Steve

Posted By: Santorini Paul 1

I didn't think there was a chance in hell my place would be on it as I live in the middle of nowhere but .... got my front drive with all the daffs about to bloom. So at least a year ago. Amazing and strangely a bit intimidating. Paul.

Posted By: salopman

Yes Steve, I think we are all talking about Google Streetview,not Google Earth, you access just through Google normally and go to Maps . (as you will know lol)

Posted By: journeyman

Steve, I use Google Earth to seek mine out, but as Salopman said it's on Google maps too. Strange thing is I was out walking dogs a year ago and this camera car passed me, I am on one picture but not another further up the chain....... Very strange ha ha

Posted By: AskCy

its great you can scope an area, look for security problems, find getaway routes, hideaways, what sort of fencing, where the security cameras are, what sort of car they have... all from the comfort of your own home.. !

Posted By: gigi

Hi went on google street maps, great view of the streets, even saw someone walking up the street bet she didn't know she was being google. I was told that they wanted this this service in Spain but people have complained that they might be caught sunbathing and in some embarrasings positions lol. I managed to google a street in Liverpool were I grew up near China town,house is long gone but street is still there.javascript:emoticon(':)')

Posted By: irishboy

i was on there a few days ago and scoped out our place in dunstable its great i even caught the guys that were supposed to be doin the no parking paint on our driveway sittin down smoking . it was early last years maps tho so they dont update it that often.

Posted By: Kwacka

  • Steve - SJD wrote:
    Is this the same as Google Street View??

Yes, Google Street View hits the UK.
Where else could this be?

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