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Posted By: dawnnett

Hi Carol Can you e mail me, i had new hard drive fitted lost your contact, and need to ask you something Dawn

Posted By: beersmaggie

Hi Dawn, if you look at Carols 'profile' it should give you her e-mail address there, Hope that helps.......Maggie Larnaca

Posted By: dawnnett

Hi Maggie Yes i know :oops: was sitting watching tv ,and must have had a blonde moment :lol: didnt realise untill id sent it i could have done as you said Maggie, You might be able to help, Amie, (Daughter) her freind Beth used to live in Pervolia, is getting married this month, we need her address to send a card . She must have changed her mobile we cant get hold of her we are over this month but not untill after the wedding

Posted By: beersmaggie

If I see her mum I will ask her for you, I dont see Yvonne much but will keep a look out for her...........Maggie Larnaca

Posted By: dawnnett

Thanks Maggie Dawn

Posted By: cyprusmould

I have spoken with Carol Ellis. She has syggested that I pass on her e-mail address to you. Regards Shirley

Posted By: carollynne

Hi Dawn Have since emailed you but Maggie popped into the shop to let me know about this thread. see you soon Carol x ps Shirley, there must be two of us as that's not my email address :shock:

Posted By: journeyman

Carol. There are indeed two of you , one lives opposite our place in Paralimni.Must admit we were a bit confused. The Brodie e-mail is theirs. Graham :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :lol:

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