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Posted By: Milschoice04

They were alone together in the House.
Just the two of them.
It was a cold, dark, stormy night. The storm had come quickly
each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump.
She looked across the room and admired his strong appearance...and
wished that he would take her in his arms, comfort her and protect her
from the storm.
She wanted that...more than anything ..
Suddenly, with a pop, the power went out... She screamed...
He raced to the sofa where she was cowering.
He didn't hesitate to pull her into his arms.
He knew this was a forbidden union and
expected her to pull back.
He was surprised when she didn't resist but instead clung to him.
The storm raged did their growing passion And
there came a moment when each knew that they had to be together.
They knew it was wrong...
Their families would never understand... So consumed were
they in their passion that they heard no opening
of doors...just the faint click of a camera......

Posted By: chuckie

Love it, love it, love it My dog used to have a kitten visiting and he'd lick it to death. Then try and do naughty things to it!!! Carol

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