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Posted By: kipper889

This is a thread purely for Steve.......

Edited for correct date 1st September :lol:

Posted By: Balconia

Ruth I don'think that's the right date :oops: :oops: I think it's Sept 1st and if not it's the end of August - Anyway no doubt Steve will know - Well here's hoping anyway :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:

Posted By: Tina Torment

So Steve, do you need a birthday reminder diary on your computer? Here's one that might help too! So that's how you spell Jewels, not Jools or Jules....? Why didn't you tell me....I've been spelling it wrong all this time...doah! :roll:

Posted By: kipper889

Hi Carol, I just calculated it from Julie's post. 32 weeks and one day from today. Not sure if it's right, easy to change anyway. :lol: Tina, member name Jewels. :wink:

Posted By: Jewels

Hi Ruth, Thanks for that - really good idea :lol: You know what men are like I chose our wedding day as it was the day before my birthday - Sept. 1st - so I would at least get one card :lol: He's not too bad really! :) Hi Tina - Steve picked my username "jewels" as he says i'm a diamond \:D/ Anyway :oops: Steve will see this when he gets in :wink: Julie

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Thanks Ruth, All I can say is guilty as charged :oops: Never seem to remember birthdays so the wedding day idea was a good one!! :lol: I named her Jewels on here - as she's small but costs me a packet :-$ :lol: (joke honest) Cheers Steve

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