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Posted By: FROGMAN

About time to and the third party ins is a good idea also. Thoughts anyone ???


I am not convinced that this will tackle the root cause of the problem - owners who are not law abiding and don't take care of their animals! I wonder whether those people will buy into this? Tony

Posted By: fettler

Thin end of the wedge. If the current government is returned in the next general election, as is quite possible with the weak opposition and a seriously split vote, you can probably look forward to dog licences of a couple of hundred quid and a gaol sentence for the lack of it. The next step, logically, is a ban on dog ownership. There, that'll cheer you up! Cheers Alex

Posted By: rockjock

More nanny state and the law abiding pet owners will suffer. Isn't this why so many are leaving. RJ

Posted By: JonandGaynor

Ok, theres an estimated 8000000 dogs in the UK, probably more. Say 10-15% of owners either won't, can't afford or fail a competence test and get a licence - thats going to relate to almost 1 million unwanted dogs. Either the government is looking for an alternative fuel supply for power stations or are planning on cornering the far eastern meat trade! If not then there's going to be one hell of a stray dog problem.

Posted By: DAC

I must say that I agree with Jane from Glasgow....
  • How about competence tests for the idiots that come up with these ideas? Politicians are largely incompetent and I think we should establish competent tests for them before they stand for. re-election
    I agree with the comment that as usual the responsible dog owners are the ones who suffer, criminal idiot kids with Pit Bulls will never undergo a responsibility test and they'll keep fighting their dogs anyway. Deal with the problem, ie the IRRESPONSIBLE owners not the vast majority who care and give their dogs a loving home.
    - Jane C, Glasgow Scotland, 02/3/2010 00:58

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