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ISIS bride

I've just seen the SKY News interview with Shammima Begum, the ISIS bride who now wants to return to the UK. In my opinion the interview should be shown to all 12-18 year olds in every school throughout the UK, if for no ot ...

Airlines can handle Brexit but frustrated by the politics, c

Airlines can handle Brexit but frustrated by the politics, chiefs say
Airlines will be able to withstand the impact of Britain leaving the European
Union, even without a deal, but the lack of political progres ...

Happy International Women’s Day

To all our Lady members:

Google Chrome. Critical update . ...

100 books to read before you die ...

Renew your British passport by tomorrow!

Quote:Millions of UK holidaymakers are warned they have until TOMORROW to renew passports or face being barred from European countries if there is a no-deal Brexit
If the UK crashes out of the EU all passports need at ...

Tamassos dam in spring (pictures)

Tamassos dam in spring (pictures)
Cypriot nature looks great this winter and for the first time in years, its dams
are full of water.
The inflow of water into the island’s dams since October 1 has broken ...

Simon Kernick books

Does anyone have any paperbacks by Simon Kernick (I’m hooked) I can exchange The Witness or Last 10 Seconds if wanted Please let me know titles of any available Lliz ...

Referendum in the UK?

Woodrow Why?at wrote: madmum wrote:Not important but found out yesterday that whenever we leave EU to buy things off ebay & assume everywhere else we will have to pay tax when delivered here. stopped buying stuff from ...

Fake HMRC phone scams "surge by 360%"

Phone scams: Rise in fraudsters making fake HMRC calls
An increasing number of scammers are using landline phone calls to con
people out of money, after a crackdown on bogus emails and mobile phone
text ...

Theresa May to offer MPs no-deal Brexit vote

Theresa May to offer MPs no-deal Brexit vote
Theresa May has promised MPs a vote on ruling out a no-deal Brexit or
delaying the UK's departure, if they reject her deal next month.
Theresa May is making a ...

Bird culls in UK

My attention has just been drawn to this:
Quote: Nature officials grant licences to shoot some of Britain’s most endangered birds
'Can there be any justification for shooting a linnet, bullfinch or wren? Who in ...

St Davids Day

Happy St Davids Day to all Welsh wherever you are.

New airport anti-drone system



Firstly, I would like to thank all those who've been kind enough to PM me recently. It's sometimes not clear but a forum is actually a community. I would add that, I have been a member for almost 8 years, with approachin ...

Earthquake rattles Zakynthos

Earthquake rattles Zakynthos
The Greek island of Zakynthos was shaken by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake
last night.
According to the Geodynamic Institute, the earthquake registered
4.4 on the Richter ...

Queen Elizabeth to Host ”A Celebration for Cyprus”

Queen Elizabeth to Host ”A Celebration for Cyprus”
Queen Elizabeth will host ”A Celebration for Cyprus” event at Buckingham
Palace this weekend.
The event, which celebrates Cyprus’ participation in the C ...

Must be Carnival season.


Unemployment/housing benefits in Cyprus

KIZI wrote:I'd be interested to know if Cypriots can get these benefits and if they can apply for them how much they are and how do they qualify?
Reason I'm asking is that there is a young woman living in a complex op ...

Cyprus or Ireland? Rainfall turns Cyprus green (video)

Cyprus or Ireland? Rainfall turns Cyprus green (video)
This winter has one been one of the heaviest in recent memory, with the
Met office registering record-breaking amounts of rainfall.
January’s rains ...

Pretty In Pink - Larnaca & Paralimni - Photos

Pretty In Pink - Larnaca & Paralimni - Photos
You know it's a great time of year when you can visit Larnaca and watch as
it plays host to migrating flamingos who fly thousands of kilometres to
winte ...

Kellaki, Limassol turns white after hailstorm (pictures+vide

Kellaki, Limassol turns white after hailstorm (pictures+video)
The village of Kellaki, Limassol turned white on Thursday after a brief but
heavy hailstorm in the area.
Kitasweather and Andreas Shiakos o ...

For all you retired RAF Chaps and Chapesses

I noticed this in the DM today, I served with Sue when my Regiment supported the Joint Helicopter Force, we deployed to Iraq together. A clever lady and nice to see she is being rewarded for her efforts. https://www.daily ...

Super Snow Moon over Cyprus - Photos

If you missed Badgers stunning photos over on the Daily Photo thread
then you can find them in this article with a bit of info:
Steve ...

Birdlife Cyprus: A rare Mourning Wheatear was spotted in Cyp

Birdlife Cyprus: A rare Mourning Wheatear was spotted in Cyprus
A rare sight for Cyprus, a very obliging Mourning Wheatear is currently at
Cape Drepanum making the day for many birders and photographers alike! ...

Climate change: too late!

Post deleted ...

members got talent

Due out on 4th may, can,t wait. Hope the flights are back to normal by then. Shirley is in holiday mode as can be seen in her paintings. :lol: .
Phil & Shirley ...

Evretou Dam creates a beautiful lake everyone should see

Evretou Dam creates a beautiful lake everyone should see
One of the largest dams in Cyprus is located in Paphos district.
Evretou dam which was named by the deserted village of Evretou is just
8km ouside ...

Caribbean cruise..

Just come back from a cruise around the caribbean on P&O Azura and could not believe how the standards are dropping. It is 2 years since our last caribbean cruise and the difference in standards was remarkable. I have do ...

USS McFaul pulls into Limassol harbour

USS McFaul pulls into Limassol harbour
US Navy destroyer USS McFaul has pulled into Limassol harbour while on a
regularly-scheduled deployment to conduct maritime security operations in
the region.

Sterling drops after GDP data confirms economic slowdown

Sterling drops after GDP data confirms economic slowdown
Sterling extended its fall on Monday after data showed that Britain’s
economy last year grew at its slowest since 2012, with Brexit uncertainty
h ...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Quote:Quote:Nigel Farage 'will stand for' newly-formed Brexit Party if UK's EU departure is delayed
Nigel Farage says he would stand as a candidate for a new Brexit party if the UK's departure from the EU is delayed.
Brexit stop press: work starts on a new Irish hard border.


What a question!

From European Council President Donald Tusk speaking in Brussels today: "I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like for those who promoted BREXIT without even a sketch of a plan for or how to carry it ou ...

Voting Rights in Cyprus after BREXIT for UK nationals

Following on from Spain's declaration that voting rights for UK nationals living in Spain will continue after BREXIT have Cyprus as yet made any declarations on UK nationals in Cyprus after BREXIT? KIZI ...

Nissan new X-Trail to be made in Japan instead of Sunderland

Quote: Nissan new X-Trail to be made in Japan instead of Sunderland
n a letter to workers, it says continued Brexit uncertainty is not helping firms to "plan for the future".
In 2016 the carmaker said it would ...

Brexit: repelling the expat invasion.

A lighthearted (pious hope?) reversed take on the immigration (mass expat return to the UK) hypothesis.
"A leaked Whitehall memo warns ministers that, soon after a no-deal Brexit, as many as 250,000 ...

End of an era - Question Time

Well that was it - after 25 years David Dimbleby bows out of Question Time! A nice gesture by the audience at the end which I think he appreciated and I for one will miss him chairing the programme. A great achievement c ...

Should Amazon be paying more taxes in the UK

Amazon paid around £61 million in Capital Gains Tax over the last 20 years.
M & S paid more than that last year alone.
Seriously do you think that's right? ...

Time: these are the days of our lives


Explore Larnaca Video

Some great views of Larnaca + bit of info in this video on Facebook - no
account required...[]
Steve ...

Recent rainfall brings Cyprus’ dams back to life (pictures)

Recent rainfall brings Cyprus’ dams back to life (pictures)
Recent heavy rainfall has brought Cyprus’ dams back to life after a long
period of drought.
Some dams have overflown, the rivers are running ag ...

It's wot the people voted for!

OK, leaving th EU with no deal might very well mean a shortage of food coming in to the country, the UK running out of life saving medicines, thousands of lorries backed up on the M2, further devaluation of the Pound , mass ...

BREXIT The Nuclear Option

So you all wondered what May had up her sleeve well it came out yesterday courtesy of Rees Mogg.
The Queen will decide.
The PM can choose to dissolve Parliament to quell the ranks of the undemocratic Mps who wi ...

Mount Kapparis

A photo of Mount Kapparis on the Dangerous bend (T junction).

I feel guilty.

Just got back from out cruise in the Far East. I got confused with the different currencies yesterday. We had a limousine transfer from the port in Thailand to our Hotel at Bangkok about a 2 hour drive which I had ...

Nazis in our classes - how to radicalize

Nazis in our classes: The 50-year-old lesson about fascism still terrifying us today

In 1967, a teacher from Palo Alto radicalised his students into a fascist party in five days. Here’s what he taught humanit ...

Flamingos visit Limassol (video)

Flamingos visit Limassol (video)
Andy Christodoulou captured drone footage of the pink birds feeding and
resting in the Lady’s Mile area, Limassol.... []
Steve ...

EU acts against 10 EU countries in money laundering crackdow

Quote: EU acts against 10 EU countries in money laundering crackdown
The European Commission on Thursday warned Germany about its failure to apply EU rules against money laundering and stepped up action against nine ...

Brexit survival kit helps Britons face the worst

Quote:Brexit survival kit helps Britons face the worst with freeze-dried fajita
LEEDS, Jan 22 (Reuters) – With just nine weeks to go until Britain is due to leave the European Union, a company is selling worried Briton ...

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