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Beach from Cyprus 3rd most popular and photographed beach in

Beach from Cyprus 3rd most popular and photographed beach in the world
on Instagram!
Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa has been ranked third among social network
Instagram’s most popular and most-photographed be ...

Donald Trump 2.0 is even worse than first version
This won't be PTH's cup of char, but he should read the full article! :shock: :shock:
It’s no surprise that he has tu ...

Situation wanted

About 120 Russians are applying for jobs: Man, in his prime, seeking new employment. Experience: minding other peoples' businesses in foreign countries. Master at obfuscation and melding into crowds. Excellent references. ...

Britain’s new Brexit passport to be made in France

Britain’s new Brexit passport to be made in France
Britain is set to make its first post-Brexit blue passport, a cherished symbol of
independence for many who backed leaving the bloc, in EU member France... [ ...

Theresa may

Pete mate, This thread is about Teresa May. You know the one you started. ...

You stinking hypocrites.

No, not you! :shock: :D
What I found to be an interesting (DT) article which gives an insight into how Russians tend to view the West.
I have to post the entire article (pay wall). If you're not interested in ...

How effective are those flying pigeon scarers?

Afternoon There is only one certain way to get rid of pigeons that’s shoot them We employ a lad from Madeira who when doing his national service He was trained up to be a sniper so we bought him a high powered air gun We ...

World’s biggest yacht in Limassol

World’s biggest yacht in Limassol
Limassol may be the focus of attention this week as the American Iwo Jima is in
the area for exercise drills, but a different kind of boat is stealing the show... []
Che ...

US Battleship Iwo Jima Docks at Cyprus Port (photos)

US Battleship Iwo Jima Docks at Cyprus Port (photos)
The USS Iwo Jima docked at Limassol port on Monday morning for refueling and
crew R&R, reports said.
Sailing from Haifa in Israel, the Iwo Jima, w ...

The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period

The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period
The UK and EU have agreed on a "large part" of the agreement that will lead to
the "orderly withdrawal" of the UK.
The EU's Brexit negotiator Michel ...

ex-UKIP leader 'to set up new party'

ex-UKIP leader 'to set up new party'
The ousted former leader of the UK Independence Party, Henry Bolton, says he
is setting up a new political party. Mr Bolton, who was voted out last month at
a meeting ...

UK Weather - let it snow...

Currently in the UK and thought we had avoided the worst of the snow - normally when snow hits the area we seem to get it worse but hasn't been as bad as some have had it. Just a covering on the ground at 5am this morni ...

The pampered, petulant, self-pitying Prince

Do we need this man to be our future king? And it must all be true as it is published in the Daily Mail :lol: :lol: ...

St Patrick’s Day

....... and a good one it was here, too.

Mass violations mark fourth anniversary of Crimea’s occupati

Mass violations mark fourth anniversary of Crimea’s occupation
By Borys Humeniuk
It has already been four years since the beginning of the illegal occupation of
the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the ...

Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

It’s been a while since I saw the film. IIRC though he has beaten the initial prognosis for his condition by almost half a century. We are all the richer for that. RIP ...

Unexpected things that will happen by 2050

Unexpected things that will happen by 2050
The future has a lot in store, and you might be suprised to see what’s to come
in the next 50+ years... []
Steve ...

A saucy question??

Steve - SJD wrote:You folks make me laugh sometimes :lol:
The results though are too close to call at the moment and am
still in danger of having to wash up for the week :wink:

Happy Ending with Nando Villa

Imperialism Capital :wink: ...

Plastic particles found in bottled water

Plastic particles found in bottled water
Tests on major brands of bottled water have found that nearly all of them
contained tiny particles of plastic.
In the largest investigation of its kind, 250 bottl ...

Would you use a flying taxi??

I know that sometimes when you get into a taxi in Cyprus it feels
like he's going fast enough to fly :wink:
Would you use one though?
Google co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page’s autonomous flying taxi ...

Five things olive oil cleans perfectly

sandyoap wrote:Olive oil has got a multitude of uses, but not very impressed with that list :-(
I shall await your selection ;-)
Steve ...

Now, there’s an idea.

carts320 wrote: if someone's manoeuvring to park and they mount the pavement in doing so I would suggest their parking skills needed addressing.
At no point should the tyre be on the foot path during any parking mano ...

Could you live without your mobile phone?

I am not dependant on my phone, but it is a very useful tool............. It is my SatNav, Camera, Diary, Calendar, Notebook, Calculator, Compass, Weather service etc etc. And of course as a dual sim phone it keeps me ...

Rex Tillerson goes

Tillerson was a surprise appointment but he was always good at challenging the foreign-policy-ignorant Donald the Duck. God help America with Pompeo as Secretary of State. ...

UK at the head of the queue?

Quote: US offers UK inferior open skies deal after Brexit
Washington is offering the British government a worse aviation deal than it receives as a member of the EU, the FT reveals. The narrow bilateral agreement on o ...

One of our own a UK Cypriot celebrates having the oldest caf

One of our own a UK Cypriot celebrates having the oldest cafe in Derby
Cyprus-born Paraskevas Evriviades. AKA Barry came from the village of Ayoi
Vavatasania Cyprus at the age of twenty in the 1960’s working ...

Comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd dies, aged 90

Comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd dies, aged 90
Sir Ken Dodd, creator of the Diddy Men and one of the most popular
comedians of his time, has died aged 90.
The Liverpool legend had recently been released from h ...

Sometimes seems the case (Brexit/Trump)? :O) ...

A Riddle for today

Quote: Bulgaria backs away from treaty opposing violence against women
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov cites strong opposition from religious and political groups.
Bulgaria’s center-right ruling party will not pr ...

French age of consent

I was reading that the French Govt. will be putting an age for sexual consent into law - a little surprised that it was 15. There were apparently proposals for both 13 & 15 and they opted for the latter :shock: ...

Big thaw leaves thousands without water in parts of UK

Big thaw leaves thousands without water in parts of UK
Homes across the UK are facing water supply problems - with thousands of
people in Wales and south-east England urged to use as little as possible.

Angela Merkel gets fourth term as chancellor

Germany's Social Democratic Party have voted to form a coalition government with Chancellor Angela Merkel's bloc
Angela Merkel has secured a deal to continue her fourth term as German leader
She r ...

Bad Weather.....and the dense population of the UK!

Woodrow Why?at wrote:[Just suggesting that people who are daft enough to ignore severe weather warnings shouldn't be trusted with deciding a country's economic future!! 8)
(Apparently such an observation is now consid ...

My new book

I don't know whether the powers that be on this forum will allow me to blast my own trumpet loud and clear but my latest book has just been published. It contains some chapters on weather/climate-related subjects but it has ...


Does anyone know why on some TV stations at certain times they show programs with a running speech commentary at the same time as the speech. What is the purpose. :idea: ...

Eurovision 2018: Cyprus entry revealed [Video]

Eurovision 2018: Cyprus entry revealed [Video]
With Eurovision 2018 only a matter of months away we take a look at the entry
choosen to represent Cyprus. Without a win in their 34 previous appearances
c ...

First time in 112 years


US guns: scary, or what?

. ...

Cauliflower Cheese is Cypriot!

Well, the whole thing gave me something else to worry about apart from BREXIT! KIZI ...

Inside the world’s largest plane, which has a wingspan longe

Inside the world’s largest plane, which has a wingspan longer than a football
field and will debut in 2019 (PHOTOS)
The world’s largest plane is so big, it needs two fuselages with separate
cockpits. It ...

Labour to back customs union, says May faces Brexit “crunch

If Jerry gets in I’ll be up on my toes doin a runner
Pete[/b] ...

Maplins to close

Very sad. :cry:
Butlins next? ...

Maplin Collapses

One of the UK's biggest electronics retailers has collapsed into administration
after talks with buyers failed to secure a sale.
Steve ...

Police dog catches carjacker

Not sure which made me smile the most - the carjacker getting caught
by the dog or the commentator who sounds like he was a sports
reporter in a former life...
The dog gets his man and the police get a few ...

Trump and empathy??????

I like Donald trump ...

Unseen photos of East End London in glorious colour

Unseen photos of East End London in glorious colour
A recently discovered photo collection by the late photographer David Granick
reveals London's East End in colour, including streets in Stepney, Whitechapel ...


Morning Watching breakfast at the minute and that Louise minchin got a good pair of pins but when they got around to the papers even the toffee nosed ones They are saying to Corbyn come clean on your time as a comrade In ...

Bin or bowl?

Apparently, Taiwan is in advance of Cyprus in that flushing toilet paper is becoming the norm, even if some individuals are recalcitrant. ...

Expat 15 year voting limit

. ...

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