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Does the UN have a future??

Whilst the ethos behind the UN is a good one is there any reason why it should continue if in many cases it proves to be completely ineffective?? So frustrating seeing the massacre taking place in Syria right now and fr ...

DHL chicken out.

It seems we aren’t the only people who have problems with them: ...

Cash pours in for bargain hunter as £15 broken teapot fetche

We have been using an aluminium teapot we bought as newly-weds 59 years ago. It is never washed and the inside has a crud which must be 2-3 mm thick. We use loose tea, not the bandaged rubbish, currently M&S Extra Strong ...

Corruption Perception Index, 2017

Transparency International have released the Corruption Perception index for 2017 Index.
Cyprus is in 45nd place (57 points), along with Czech Republic, Dominica, and Spain. Top, with a score of 89, is New Zealand.

The wonderful tabloids!

From the Irish newspaper The Herald:-
The reactions ...

Marvellous daily mail

Afternoon There is a very good article about Corbyn it’s called At best he’s guilty of such naivety he shouldn’t be allowed out Without a nanny it’s by joe Haines press secretary to Harold Wilson Keep smiling Pete ...

British High Commissioner visit to Larnaca

Any feedback from the meeting last week in Larnaca? KIZI ...

Deadline to return old paper £10 notes fast approaching

Deadline to return old paper £10 notes fast approaching
At least £2.1bn worth of old £10 notes need to be spent or exchanged before
they cease to be legal tender, the Bank of England says.
The deadline t ...


Afternoon I am not looking for praise or sympathy but I must tell you what happened To my little girl this morning she was cleaning the toilet Dow stairs When an ornament fell of the cupboard and landed on her head point ...

From a freak Brexit baby to dancing little rocket man

Quote:From a freak Brexit baby to dancing little rocket man
Theresa May also came in for a ribbing in a quite gruesome float in Düsseldorf. The British prime Minister has just given birth to ...

One for Pete

'No job because I'm a Brit' Trucker told firm ONLY hires migrants. ...

How many more?

Another 17 students are killed in school:
It's something like the sixth or seventh this year that has resulted in deaths/injury!
The right to bear arms is so entrenched in the American psyche I don't think

Place of Interest

Hi Does any body have any idea what the building next to MCDONALDS on the way out of PARALIMNI is going to be,it looks like some sort government building, ??? ...

The biter bit

South African lions eat 'poacher' :lol: Bravo, the lions! ...

Advice on Gas Central Heating UK

Hi folks, Well this year looks like it's carrying on where the last one left off and currently everything that can break down is breaking down :roll: Anyway so am just looking for advice on replacing a combi centra ...

Sun newspaper

No polite way to say this Pete but your statement 're benefits is just not true ...


Morning On good morning Britain this morning they put up a hornets nest about these girls they had four girls on there from different events they all said they enjoyed there jobs an we’re well paid for doing it the boxing p ...

EU citizenship rights, post Brexit

An interesting case being brought before the Dutch courts.
"Five UK nationals are going to court in the Netherlands in a campaign to keep their EU citizenship after Brexit." ...

Wow. A few revelations here.

Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye ( :lol: ), Marlon Brando, Trump (they will like that one) and an eye-opener about the Beatles.
A bit graphic in parts for the sensitive. ...

Why I disagree with Trump supporters This article says it all in trumps (pun intended!). ...

Can you help

I am trying to trace Lee the Poolman. I think he stays in the protaris area ...

Brexit: Britons take EU rights bid to Dutch court

Brexit: Britons take EU rights bid to Dutch court
Five UK nationals are going to court in the Netherlands in a campaign to keep
their EU citizenship after Brexit.
They want a Dutch judge to press the Eur ...

Dow Jones posts worst one-day point drop in history

Quote: Stock market roller coaster: Dow sinks 1,175 points; worst single-day point drop ever
The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 1,100 points Monday as stocks took their worst loss in 6 1/2 years. Two d ...

Taiwan earthquake: People trapped in Hualien

Taiwan earthquake: People trapped in Hualien
A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake has damaged buildings in the Taiwanese
city of Hualien, media reports say.
The tremor struck at 23:50 (15:50 GMT) about 20 ...

Gizza job

Who could do this.


Morning Well I recorded the trump interview with piers Morgan last night And I watched it this morning well there economy is up Unemployment is down more women have jobs The black African American has more jobs Chrysle ...

Speeding - leeway or not?

Drivers should be punished for speeding even if they only go 3mph over the
limit, Britain’s roads policing chief has said.
Anthony Bangham, the chief constable of West Mercia and the lead for the
Nation ...

The UK Dream Ticket?

I read in the marvelous mail (sic ) that the British 'Dream Ticket' are poised to take over if May fails to build a wall round the UK (with the EU paying, of course).
Prime Minister - Boris Johnson
Home Secretar ...

Tide out in Larnaca

2diffs wrote:
Tides like daily high and low in the UK do not happen here, but there are monthly variations which produce a high and low. Woe "betide" the careless weekend sailor who neglects to leave some slack in h ...


Morning There is a very good article in today’s marvellous mail on Sunday It’s by Stephen pollard the editor of the Jewish chronicle It’s called snowflakes there today’s fascists Well worth a look if they don’t take this ...

Any ideas?

Many thanks Steve. Need to get some dental floss tomorrow as this seems to be the most popular method. Will let you know how I get on. ...

cyta broadband

anyone had problems with cyta broadband the last few days? last night tv kept freezing & breaking up and laptop kept losing connection. tonight tv is just as bad but laptop has stayed connected. driving us mad wa ...

Cancer: the beginning of the end?

Have to post it all I'm afraid. Sounds very promising.
"Cancer jab that eliminates tumours even after they've spread will start human trials
A cancer jab that can eliminate tumours even when they have spread t ...

Russian biker completes round Cyprus trip in 3 days

Russian biker completes round Cyprus trip in 3 days
A RUSSIAN ATHLETE has completed a round Cyprus bike-ride in just three and a
half days, covering 600 kilometres.
Sergey Severin started from Limassol a ...

Treasury Finally Admits Pre-Brexit Predictions Were Wrong

"Apocalyptic predictions of Britain’s economy collapsing in the event of a vote for Britain to leave the European Union produced by the treasury are no longer valid, a senior civil servant has said." Reuters reports: Now ...

'Humanity Star'

Quote: Rocket Lab's secret launch revealed as 'Humanity Star' resembling giant disco ball
The secret payload on Rocket Lab's recently launched electron rocket has been revealed.
It's a New Zealand-made geodesic ...

Argaka Dam overflows on Friday evening

Argaka Dam overflows on Friday evening
As a result of the recent downpours the dam in Argaka overflowed on Friday
evening to the joy of residents in the area.
At a time when the amount of water contained ...

Nutella 'riots' spread across French supermarkets

Nutella 'riots' spread across French supermarkets
A discount on Nutella has led to violent scenes in a chain of French
supermarkets, as shoppers jostled to grab a bargain on the sweet spread.
Intermarché ...

Facebook to prioritize ‘trustworthy’ news based on surveys

Facebook to prioritize ‘trustworthy’ news based on surveys
Facebook Inc will prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed of social media posts,
using member surveys to identify high-quality outlets and fight sen ...

Scottish fraternity

A happy Burn's night to you all! We cheated and had our supper last Saturday. You can't beat that Haggis, tatties and neeps. Washed down with a dram or two of course. Some ...

Changes at SKY

"Sky to do away with satellite dishes as it moves to online broadcasting." ...

Seal joins swimmers in sea off Kato Paphos

Seal joins swimmers in sea off Kato Paphos
One of the two rare Mediterranean monk seals who made an appearance in the
summer of 2016, off the coast of ​​Kato Paphos, has returned.
The seal wa ...


Kwacka wrote:Who, here, has said they don't agree with that the UK should now leave the EU?
Several have said that they don't like the result I but don't recall anybody saying it should be ignored. Several have said t ...

Hawaii missile alert standdown delayed by forgotten login

You may recall that 10 days ago Hawaii was warned of a false incoming missile attack with an added "this is not a drill", and the message was not corrected for 38 minutes.
I understand that a computer touchscreen had ...

Troodos snowy scenes for visitors [Video]

Troodos snowy scenes for visitors [Video]
Whilst dense fog and hail prevailed in Troodos yesterday, visitors over the past
weekend were presented with an enchanting white landscape. Visitors from all
ov ...

International Space Station & Cyprus school

There is always an astronaut who holds an amateur radio license on the International Space Station and they communicate with other amateurs on earth, especially schools (the ARISS program).
There will be a connection b ...

Glorious sun newspaper

Afternoon Very good letters in the letter section of today’s glorious sun They are saying Sadiq khan should mind his own business about trump And worry about the knife crimes in London I’ve got some friends Keep smiling ...

Cancer blood test breakthrough

"Scientists have taken a step towards one of the biggest goals in medicine - a universal blood test for cancer." ...

Drone rescues swimmers in Australia in world first

Drone rescues swimmers in Australia in world first
A drone rescued two swimmers off an Australian beach on Thursday, a world
first for the fast-developing technology that seems perfectly suited to saving

Statistics rant (longish) - or Boris demands 2p for the NHS

Having some knowledge (albeit) of research methodology and statistics, I get really annoyed when people glibly produce statistical information without providing a source - it merely shows that they've got no idea what th ...

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